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Full Version: Robben Ford Style Blues
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Original lesson: Robben Ford Style Blues by Emir Hot

Hi GMC I shall still work the learning of this lesson with the advice of my mentor ( Gab) For the moment it is the best of what I can give. Thank You

Darius Wave
Hey man! Good usuall (you made us get used to).

I love and hate blues lessons at the same time ..why? It's a kind of music where you put a lot of heart and even if the harmonic content is not much advanced, there is still a lot emotional stuff to execute which makes them much harder then it seems to be. Why to hate then? Because there is this "blues flavor" thing that is missing in your take in there is no mathematical way to explain this. You did what you could to strip dwon the lesson and learn all sections but is sound a little squre. In blues there is similar "swing kind of feel" where perfect timming is not always the case. Also the contrast between accents and fills has to be much bigger. Other wise those short licks/phrases sound proper math-wise but not "bluesy" enough to create those specific, short moments of tension build and release. I'm sure you'll get what I meant. You ned to spend some more time on the most important and the hardest part of the lesson - listen carefully and try to capture the feel of the track. There is nothing else left for you to improve in this lesson. Well done!
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate! You've received my feedback yesterday HERE, at the mentoring program. I'll just add my grade.

Keep on the hard work! smile.gif
Ben Higgins
Hi man, happy new year!

As Darius says, bluesy playing is hard to get right. You can play the same notes but getting the feel is the hard part.

The two things that I think would benefit this lesson in terms of improvement would be:

Clarity: Some of the licks don't have the clarity of the original. Certain notes might sound a bit buried, lost.

Hammer-ons-pull-offs: This is one of your weaker areas, I would say. You could benefit from developing the strength in your fingers so you could perform hammering and pulling off with more confidence and with more accurate timing.

Keep up the good work!
Pass: 7.7
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