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Full Version: 90's Metal Chops
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Monica Gheorghevici
Original lesson: 90's Metal Chops by Darius Wave

Hi guys, Darek's team is back in REC :) This lesson was a truly challenge for me (first time when I played metal). Actually I didn't believed that I will reach a decent level for a REC take but now....I have no doubt that my instructor it's a wizard which can make miracles. I know that the vibrato it's an obvious weakness in this take and I'm really sorry for this. Darek, I have said many times and I will continue to say this every day: You are a brilliant instructor!!! Thank you for all your time that you spend to work with me.

Darius Wave
Monica knows my detailed feedback and she already pointed some things we both know need improvement but I'm impressed with how she was able to develope her rhythm playing through the time we've been working on the lesson. Waiting for your opinion guys! smile.gif
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Monica,

this take is killer! It's awesome how tight you are playing this demanding lesson. Your picking is very precise, everything sounds clean and your palm muting perfect.

I'm sure that you already have great feedback from the master Darius, but here are 2 elements that I would focus on:

- Vibrato: Darius adds vibrato in many parts and harmonics, which gives the riffing a great feel.

- Dynamics: You could accentuated more some parts of the riffs to make it sound more organic.

By the way, you did an amazing job, congrats!
Ben Higgins
11 cool.gif

Hehe, I'm sorry you had to wait so long for my vote Monica but I'm back (in black) and I have to say that I'm definitely impressed, especially with that picking run at 1:05. It was tight, crispy and had the crunch that Darius demands from his picking runs. Excellent!

Your tone was great.. it had that sharp top end that the original lesson has but with all the bottom end chunk.

The pinch harmonics are also there.

The lads commented about vibrato (as did you) but I didn't feel this was a problem and didn't particularly feel there was a lack of it.

My only criticism? I would have liked to hear you totally control the silence between the notes in the riff starting at 0:45. If you listen, you can hear the tail end of the low E even after you mute it. It's a simple correction. You just need to make your last pick of the note aggressive and actually pull your hand slightly away as you pick and then slap it back against the strings, cutting them off dead. Watch Darius again and you will see that whole hand movement.

So there you have it. Only 1 thing! 1!

Not bad hey?

Well done, Miss smile.gif
Pass: 8.7
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