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Full Version: Take 2: The Voice Of Your Guitar
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Original lesson: The Voice Of Your Guitar by Cosmin Lupu

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
Ben Higgins
Hi Petr, this is a lot smoother than your first take.

Let me get the criticisms out of the way first:

- Timing of the main melody. I mentioned this in your other take. You're leaving too much delay between the 2nd and 3rd note of the main melody. The 3rd note comes in quicker in Cosmin's version.

- Picking after bending. When you let your whole tone bends down you sometimes pick the string a bit too hard and sometimes out of time. This can slightly ruin the good work you do during the bending itself.

Onto the good stuff:

- Vibrato is LOADS better. I'm really impressed with your vibrato when it goes higher in the 2nd half.
- Your bending is mostly accurate. You control them very well.

Of course there is still room for improvement with everything but I'm pleased to see how your vibrato and bending has improved. Well done!
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate,

It's good to see you still working on this great lesson.

I think that Ben already has commented the most important things to improve on this one. That little detail regarding the duration of the second note is something that we've been talking about at the mentoring thread. As Ben said, it's still happening so take care with it. Try playing the third note a bit later than you would...

Bending is the technique that needs more attention since many bends are not reaching the pitch smoothly, so keep on practising it.

I notice improvements in the overall take so this means that you are doing the things well, just keep going!

Darius Wave
Well This is a lot better than your previous take. Time spent on this lesson didn't go for waste smile.gif You will now need to add just a few more cents to get perfect pitch at some of your bends (just a little too low). Some other bends are really very well pitched. Vibrato - much more smooth than before - well done.

I have one important tip not only for this, but for your overall, future playing. Never leave untouched strings while you leave the note to let ring/sustain like in 1:00. With distortion at some point the sustain of the note you play is so weak, that the natural vibration of unsed strings could easily break it or cut through it add add noise. You can always keep holding your right hand on the low strings (below the one you play) and experiment with left hand angle so the bottom part of left index finger will touch those high string that are not in use at the moment.
Pass: 7.3
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