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Full Version: Take 2: Winter Tune
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Original lesson: Winter Tune by Piotr Kaczor

This is my second attempt, her is the previous Thank you so much for the valuable feedback, this time around I took extra time to work on vibrato and pay attention to bends. There was a hiccup at the end, but the take was good enough.

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate,

I can notice improvements regarding the elements that I've marked in the previous take but there is still more work to do on each of those aspects. The rhythm part is better, but there are still issues regarding timing, besides of the most obvious things (marked by your face, haha).

The solo part is also better regarding pitch and vibrato, which means that you've been working with both things in mind, but there are still moments where timing is not tight, as well as some parts that need to sound clearer.

I think that the next step is to isolate the trickier parts and divide your practice on this lesson in two blocks, the first one with repetitive loops of the tricky sections and the second part playing the whole lesson to connect everything.

Keep on the hard work!
Ben Higgins
Hi, the overall performance is a bit better but there's three crucial elements that are seemingly refusing to catch up! smile.gif

- Main riff. Those chords at 0:19 are still giving you some trouble so really grind down on them and get them sounding exactly like Piotr does. It's mainly that chord after the Am that screws you up.

- Wrong notes. There's quite a few notes that are being played on the wrong frets.

- Lack of bending on that last lead phrase. The lead section from 1:25 until the end is definitely out of control so it needs a lot of attention on it.

The trills are sounding good, though!
Darius Wave
Hey there!
We have to be honest with you that's why we won't hide that it's still not perfect though...all your practise did not go for waste. There's a visible improvement in both sections. From the video we can clearly how your facial exprecion detect some of the issues - the biggst ones, where you were sure you've missed to hit the note precisely timing-wise or sync-wise.

Your right hand looks tensed and it may cause some timing and sync issues. I think you need to check out some right hand workouts like one direction picking with palm muting. Once you wokr out the mechanics of it, you'll have no longer any problems.

The biggest problem is in the end while you start to bend one string over another ringing out. This is where you should focus most at the moment.

All this may saound bad but it's not that bad at all. You have improved all the aspects mentioned in previous take. They just still need some work because it's all like in the half way to be perfect smile.gif
Almost there, 5
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