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Full Version: Take 2: Becker Made Easy
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Original lesson: Becker Made Easy by Ben Higgins

Hello. I've recorded the lesson another time cause the first one was horrible. Thanks in advance

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate,

As I've said at the mentoring program, this new take is much better than the previous one. The main thing improved on this one is the pitch of your vibrato, and tremolo work.

During the next days, you could try to make the vibration go even more connected with the groove of the backing track.

It's awesome to see how fast and how much you could improve your take. Congrats!

Ben Higgins
Hi man, this is very good. I think the whammy work is smoother and more positive than the previous take.

I didn't think the biggest issue was with the whammy vibrato anyway, I wanted to see you using sweep picking for the arpeggios. I know that the slow tempo means that we could use alternate picking but the point of sweeping them is because it's meant to be a Jason Becker lesson and we know that Becker is a sweeper! wink.gif

But despite that, this take is great smile.gif
Darius Wave
Hey again!

Will agree with both guys - vibrato pitch has been improved comparing to previous take. You need to clarify the pitch of whammy bar vibrato now and still the "swep thing" needs work smile.gif
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