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Full Version: Wow! Jake Brown Survives A 50 Foot Fall!
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Was anyone else watching this? I freaked out at a cafe with some friends today when I saw it.

To walk away from that is something of a miracle.
Thats amazing... that dudes a machine!
Absolutely unbelivable! And he was so close landing face down. A 10'th of a second before landing he managed to spin round and I'm convinced that saved his face, head, teeth, ribs, legs, arms etc.

Might have broken collarbone and a few ribs but to walk away from that!!! That guy is Iron man.

blink.gif ohmy.gif
The Uncreator

That dude is built like a frickin panzer.

Someone ate his wheaties that morning smile.gif

I think it's a miracle or something smile.gif

BTW that 720 over the gap was super sick man.
Who's the one that says "Wow I cant believe he got that 720" while the dude was lying there on the floor?! laugh.gif blink.gif huh.gif
That was Tony Hawk, oddly enough.
That was insane laugh.gif
Update, it's all over the news now, I just saw it come up. He deserves the publicity in my opinion, to survive that fall and walk away isn't anything common. It's a good thing he had the body control in the air too, falling that high would've easily broken his ribs (puncturing organs), and his legs, etc.
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