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Full Version: Stoner for Strat (rhythm & solo)
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Monica Gheorghevici
Original lesson: Stoner for Strat (rhythm & solo) by Darius Wave

Hey guys, Darek's team come up with a new lesson smile.gif

I must say that it wasn’t an easy thing to achieve the "gain from the hand" which is essential for the rhythm part. the end and after months of hard working from both sides (Darek and me), my new "heavy playing" skills are an amazing reward for us.
This is a golden lesson which totally helped me to improve many things and not only from the playing point of view, but also from the tone/recording/mixing point of view.

Darek, thank you so much for everything you do for me. We have put behind this take a very hard work and a huge energy (and nerves...hahaha biggrin.gif ) but it really was worth it smile.gif

Darius Wave
You know all my thoughts on this one. I will hold a while with my grading to leave an "blank" field for their third perspective grading. I'll add my grade once they're done wink.gif
Kristofer Dahl
Monica - not only is your t-shirt amazing but your progress is mind blowing!

No biggies here - this is very enjoyable. Icing on the cake for me would be if you could be as laid back as Darius on the soft section (0:30). Here, Darius is most of the time beginning the licks on the beat or even slightly before - and then ends them with a laid back, behind-the-beat, feeling. This is subtle but creates a really musical push-pull feeling.

Other than that you might struggle getting the same dynamics from your pickups/guitar - which could explain why Darius' sound seems more reactive to picking dynamics - going from almost clean to obvious distortion in the high end.

This is a killer take - you get a 9 from me!
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Monica!!

I've really enjoyed this take! It's cool to hear that Jackson sound so Strat. I think that your tone is perfect for this lesson.

I find this lesson very cool and inspiring so I've heard the original many times. I can note the differences regarding interpretation, dynamics, rhythm but I've enjoyed how you've added your personality into those phrases. I think that your use of dynamics make this one sound a bit more "delicate" compared to the original one, and it doesn't make it worse or better, it makes it different, it makes it more "Monica" style. I love when students add their soul to the lessons. That's usually the final step, but the most important for me.

When listening to the solo section, there is nothing that distracts me to the beauty of the melody, but in the second or third heards I've noted that there are some little timing issues in some phrases that could be worked. By the way, it's nothing serious.

You are doing an amazing job with your mentor. Keep going friend!!
Pass: 9
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