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Full Version: Steve Lukather Style Lesson
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Original lesson: Steve Lukather Style Lesson by Muris Varajic

Tried to remove static noise by setting the noise gate in garageband to around -50dB, still got some. My guitar's whammy bar also sucks (very rigid) and kills the sustain so I didn't use it here!

Kristofer Dahl
Very cool!

You have the odds against you here, but still manage to pull this off somewhat convincingly.

You guitar has tuning / intonation problems - but your ear makes up for it by bending the notes in tune - well done!

You have a very fuzzy tone that still sounds cool and cuts through.

Since many of the none bent note sound out of pitch - this is not quite yet enjoyable, but it is still a great effort. You get a 6 from me.
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi sidthekid!

You already know the parts, now you can focus on adjust and polish details. The main issues here are related to intonation, bending and vibrato.

Each of these elements are related. The intonation issue appears on both bending and vibrato parts, but it also appears from in some normal notes, and phrases.

Your vibrato tends to start too early, and it's very agressive and nervous. I recommend you to compare your lesson with the original and practice trying to emulate the instructor's vibrato to get used to a more natural vibration.

In some parts your bending reaches the right pitch, however there are many times where it doesn't so please review this technique all along the lesson.

Keep on the hard work!
Darius Wave
Hey there!

Unfortunately in many cases the sustain is actually what we pay for in descent guitars. It doesn't change the fact you can still get a nice "ringing out" guitar for a lower price but in most cases the way higher notes sustain and cuts through the mix depends somehow on the price range. With a quality guitar you can have less gain and still have high notes ringing out.

Anyway...the amount of gain is probably way too high. Refering to a bridge pickup being a humbucker, you should still be far from that much of noise.

You need to take care of very basic things first becasue even with top speed in your hands and nicest vibrato ever, you will still loose 50% of performance quality, becasue of fizzy and overcompressed tone and tuning issues. Give both some more time. Tweak, switch cables, experiment with your position...(away from the monito for example) ....

Vintage Tremolo is a "savage" smile.gif You need to take care of maaaany details - generalyl all the friction points...and learn how to tune it so it goes back in tune. Many budget constructions still go off the tune even if you do everything you know is necessary so I understand your pass on using tremolo in this take, but i would not relate it to a sustain that much.

You have a veery good hands layout and habits - your left hand perfectly controls unwanted strings. I think going for some vibrato workouts would highly increase your performance because vibrato is generally everywhere and your vibrato make string go out of tune (bend) and then starts to vibrate. The string should actually be "pulsing" aroudn it's "point zero" tension. You can't do this while it's already bent. Try to review this it would realyl help to make listening more pleasat smile.gif
Almost there: 5.3
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