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Full Version: Pentatonic Tapping
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Carlos Ferreira
Original lesson: Pentatonic Tapping by Joe Kataldo

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Carlos,

Great job with this tapping! This is sounding very well. Each note sound clear and strong so you are doing the right things with your tapping and legato technique. I only notice very small timing issues, I think that the triplets could sound even tighter. It's tricky to play tight when using legato technique and it becomes even more difficult when adding tapping. Take your time to polish it. It won't take too much.

Keep on the hard work at GMC!
Kristofer Dahl

I would advise you to practice left hand-only first for this lesson, to gain a bit more strength in the "hammer ons from nowhere" - this would also allow you to get good tone without all that distortion (which in turn will give you a much more musical take). Check Joes playing as he nails this.

Also - even if the focus here is to work on tapping, the lesson does contain quite some prominent vibrato sections - and here we can hear you need to work on a wider and more stable vibrato. The vibrato movement needs to come from your whole arm, not just the fingers/hand.

All in all I do think you are doing great on this technique focused level 4 lesson - you get a 7 from me!
Darius Wave
Hey there Carlos!

First impression is that you probably use not enough strength on your tapping finger. It looks too soft and would probably not work well with a lower gain amount. Sometimes higher strength amount results in better timing as a side-profit. Try to hammer-on a little stronger. Second thing - be very careful with vibrato. You tend to bend the note and vibrate it on the shifted pitch, which creates the feel of detuned note. E1 vibrato is a sensitive thing to execute correctly. Best tip is to not overdo it smile.gif
Pass: 7.3
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