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Full Version: Heavy Funkin' Soloing
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Monica Gheorghevici
Original lesson: Heavy Funkin' Soloing by Darius Wave

Hi guys, Darek's team returned with new skills smile.gif

Few years ago, one of the first things that I told to Darek, was that I would love to play this lesson someday, but I never believed this would happen. Today Darek made my dream come true.
For us this take it’s a reward for all the work that we put in over the years and we are very proud by result.

Darek, you are a killer instructor and I will always be grateful for all you do for me. It's really unbelievable what you can do with my playing smile.gif

Darius Wave
This is our "fruit" of years of working together. I'm proud of you!

Won't leave any feedback and grade to leave a "clear pass" for other instructors. You know all my feedback smile.gif
Kristofer Dahl
Oh my!!

Your technique is now extremel precise, and as far as I can tell you don't miss a note in those picking runs - a very unusual thing to hear! This is further amplified by the fact that your tone is pretty clean, cleaner than Darius', which should make it even harder to pull off (no pun intended).

The tone difference makes your take more fusionesque than Darius'. Also, you are not picking as hard as he does which does facilitate control and affects tone as well.

I should clarify than none of the differences above affect musicality - it's just a matter of what type of thing you are going for.

From a listeners perspective you must now invest a good 30% of the time you spent building your chops, into your vibrato instead. To my ears it is too generic. You add the vibrato as soon as you get a chance to, whereas Darius builds it up musically. I would say Darius' vibrato in this lesson is also pretty shallow though, so that's not the issue.

I suggest you try playing this piece a few times without any vibrato at all. I suspect this will be harder than anticipated. When you can do that, then add vibrato just at the end of the notes, and you should be much closer to Darius'.

Your sense of groove feels nice to me as well here - and that can be tricky to achieve when focus is on complex runs.

I am totally blown away by your chops and if you can fix the vibrato issue this will be a solid 10 form me. For now it's an 8 - keep up the totally mind blowing work! I have gotta practice now wink.gif

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Monica! This is amazing! Congrats on your killer job with Darius.

I had to see Darius lesson again in order to detect anything to improve in your take, and honestly I didn't find much. Both takes have different feels but that's obvious, you are different persons! I feel that Darius take is groovier and stronger, but your take doesn't have timing issues, and includes more delicate dynamics and that's very enjoyable.

Technically, I think that the only part that could be adjusted is the fast alternate picking lick at 00:31. The other parts, even the tapping fast sections sound precise to my ears. I also think that your tone fits perfect with the style and backing so I wouldn't change it.

Your progress is so inspiring Monica, keep on the hard work! smile.gif

Pass: 8.7
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