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Full Version: The Bee Gees Style
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Original lesson: The Bee Gees Style by Javier Aviles

Hi, first take : some notes are false or forgotten despite several taken (x1569985 = video stress). Can you give me some pointers for improvement (1st = timing, 2nd = ???, and more nad more), I need you to guide me. Thank you so much, Farine.

Kristofer Dahl
Nice Farine,

To my ears this is really tasty - you have dialed in a great tone with lots of reverb (but still tasty).

Your mix is very different from Javier's though, namely your lead is not always that easy to hear. So if you went for a dry sound that was mixed loudly (like Javier) - any playing mistakes would be much more exposed.

If you say you felt very nervous about this take, then I bet the non-nervous version sounds totally amazing. My suggestion would then be for you to record yourself as often as possible as your non-nervous playing will shine through more and more with every take smile.gif

You get an 8 from me. Go for it!!
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Farine,

I really like the overall feel of this take. I think that your tone and ambience settings give the take a more melachonlic vibe which fits great with the song's melody and backing track.

I don't notice any relevant issues to fix here. I'd like to see you playing this one totally relaxed and enjoying what you are playing. That could give this some extra expression that could put your playing on a new level.

The best you can do, is you continue recording yourself and keep the hard work.

Congrats mate.
Darius Wave
Hey there!

Very first impression is that your guitar disappears in the mix. You need to be more carefull with low frequencies because they may be the rerason you feel it stands out from other instruments in the mix, the the middle part of guitar tone is most important and it need to be matched properly to make guitar find it's place in the recording. Your rone has more jazzy feel comparing to original tone proposed by JAvier but it is still ok to sound this way. You only need to take some more time with low and middle knobs to cut some lows and pull out some more volume out of your guitar track.

Besides this a a few missed notes I have nothing serious to complain. Both hands look smooth while playing and there are no visible, critical mistakes.
Pass: 8
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