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Full Version: Take 2: Stoner for Strat (rhythm & solo)
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Original lesson: Stoner for Strat (rhythm & solo) by Darius Wave

Take 2 on this lesson. I did not think I passed the first time, but looking back just last night, I saw that I did... anyways, hopefully I got some more flow into this one, even though timing is still not 100%.

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
Kristofer Dahl
Love it! I recorded a video response to address some general pointers that should boost your playing:

Well done, you get an 8 from me!
Darius Wave
Hey there!

Really nice work and close in general. This take is definitely much more expressive and emotional. There are still some little missmatches with original lesson usually a missing pick stroke or overbend 1/4 step ornament but these are fixes you are surely capable of and do not demand nothing more than remembering.

I see two general things that are present through all the take:

1. Pitch control./ Unfortunately you loose a control of your pitch or simply your guitar has dropped the tuning after first few notes. Definitely too much notes that do not match (including bends) and they unfortunately rip off some of the good impression that take brings.

2. One of general profits of this lesson is to be able to stum -use the weight of the wrist to literally through "that piece of meat" at strings to get the gain from the hand. you have narroved it to a regular picking motion which is a different mechanism. Of course that very general becasue there are moment you need to pick typically (solo part for sure) but bigger part of the intro should be just a strumming. Playing this way you would need to learn how to make your left hand take care of verything unwanted. That's one of the purposes of this lesson.

There are some timmign isuees but they do not take the attention as much as two things mentioned

Anyways I struggle with your grade but I will pass to give you the higher one I consider, becasue besides the flaws, the level of musicality you've worket out in youir second run has to be rewared and you also did lots of details that often students don't put as much effort to.

Well done
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate,

Good job here! This is a very demanding lesson and I can note your progress comparing this new video with your previous one. Regarding the things you have to work, I'm with both Darius and Kris about these elements:

- Pitch Control
- Bending
- Vibrato

I think that the main thing you need here is to try to be more relaxed while playing the lesson. This will give it a better feeling, and combined with more wrist work (when bending and doing vibrato) and being sure that you use other left hand fingers to help the one that is bending or doing vibrato, will show important results and improvements.

Keep on practising!
Pass: 8
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