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Full Version: Phil Collen: Intermediate
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Beat Zbinden
Original lesson: Phil Collen: Intermediate by Ben Higgins

Kristofer Dahl
It's sounding great Beat!

I recorded a personal video for you targeting some of the improvement opportunities I see:

You get a 7 from me, keep it up!

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Beat!

Great to see you working on this cool lesson by Ben. There are basically 3 elements that you could improve here: groove, bending and fast alternate picking playing.

You work on the rhythm section is not bad but there is more room to make it sound groovier and to give it more dynamics work. I notice that you tend to do small movement with your right hand while there are some movement where it deserves bigger ones. The idea is to make your right hand "dance" with the groove of the song, and use the bigger movements to attack the strings stronger. Check out how Ben uses his right hand in this part.

Regarding your fast alternate picking playing, the problem appears in the faster licks, for example at 00:36 or at 00:47. I notice that your hands lost sync here, so you need to isolate this licks and work on them.

Finally, your bending is not bad, you reach the correct pitches but I feel that they are not smooth enough. You could put some focus and work on them as well.

Those are the weak points, but this one has many strong points so I give you a 7!
Todd Simpson
Some great feedback and a great vid by Kris!!! As mentioned, bending to pitch is CRUCIAL. Isolate the bends and focus on them until they are at pitch. If you need to, grab a guitar tuner, find the right pitch to bend to and use the tuner as a visual reference til you get it down.
Fast picking requires precision and hand synch. Gotta earn this. back off your speed a pinch and play it very clean. Then start playing just a few notes at an increased speed, say 3, then four, and so on (This is the Ben Higgins Technique)
For "Groove" bits, don't be shy about wagging your entire arm around to really make the pick have some force behind it. Some licks need a bit of arm wag. Your playing is solid. So it's a 7 for me!!
Pass: 7
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