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Full Version: Legato Lesson
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Original lesson: Legato Lesson by Muris Varajic

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate,

This lesson is a good choice for you! I can see that your fingers still need more days of practice to get used to those patterns and to be able to play the whole lesson smooth and tight. There are timing issues here and there, and the overall lesson doesn't sound smooth enough.

You need to continue practising, maybe in smaller blocks, and try to relax your left hand fingers while playing. Also, be sure to avoid doing too much strength when pressing the frets. Economising strength is important to achieve a smoother legato technique.

Besides that, it's always helpful to put some focus on keeping the fingers the closer possible to the fretboard. Try to make your finger's movements smaller.

This is not a bad take at all, I give you a 7!
Kristofer Dahl
Mate - you are always so close but still somewhat miss the target. I recorded this video to try to explain what I mean:

This lesson is about developing a controlled and relaxed vibrato, and you are not really there yet, although it looks like you are every close. You get a 6 from me!
Darius Wave
Hey there!

From my point of view there are no aspects of hand motion, resting points or legato execution that would require any fix. During to distortion I need to partially guess but the specific "wrecking" sound while you pull=off and hammer-on tells me that you could be close to the wanted legato strength. Practising legato on too much distortion is pointless. In your take thigns seems to be compromised well enough.

What we experience as problems in your take is mostly ralated to your brain and muscles not being prepared well enough for particular position shifts. When something doesn't happen on a strong beat, it seems to give you problems. That's why your timing goes off and you loose some notes - you're simply not ready yet with this one becasue insetad of hacving things 200% counted and went through speed up process, you leave some parts for "luck" to make them happen "somehow". This way they happen randomly.

Again - I'm guessing but this issue happens on a regular basis with some of my students. It's simply an impatience thing. When things start to sound alike the original, they pass on further practise and let them happen "as they are".

I highly suggest to break these sections down with metronome alone and make a week of speed up practise adding just a few more bpm's every 10 minutes.
Pass: 6.7
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