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Full Version: Riff Master II: Melodic Death Metal
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Original lesson: Riff Master II: Melodic Death Metal by Lian Gerbino

Todd Simpson
You had me all the way right up until 42 Seconds in. You have a good handle on that first bit for sure!! Which is saying a lot as it's not an easy bit!! Once you go in to the groove / mute bit at 42 seconds roughtly, you are sorta playing it as a straight up lick and the original is more of a off beat, groove. The original song is playing against the beat and you are playing on top of the beat essentially. It's not a huge thing. But it's one of the subtle bits that makes this song so cool. It's not enough for me to say you need to go back and start over, but I'd say it's worth giving that one section another look. That being said, I think you have shown you can play the string traverse lick that defines this tune and you are ready for the next Rec. Solid 7!

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Gabriel Leopardi
Hi again mate!

This one is also good but I think that there is still room to make it sound tighter. The riffs are ver fast and they require tight right hand picking and muting.

I think that your take sounds a bit dirtier and less precise than Lian’s. Take some time to adjust it, work on smaller blocks and use metronome if it’s necessary.

Keep on the hard work!
Darius Wave
Hey there!

I agree with Gab that your takes sounds a little more blurry than original. It may be the gain amount or type of dynamics response your amp has. It more compressed, less tight. With such a dense drums part it doesn cut through the mix with enough amount of attack. I think some experiments with the tone could do the job.

I see nothing serious here to tweak. there are some minor timing issues at each lick start (after break) but these are common problem while recording.

After 0:42 tehre are a few spot where something tonaly-weird happens after tehse heavy palm mutings. Later it's gone on the same lick. It may be a resting point issue of your right hand i guess. You've fixed it later and worked better smile.gif
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