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Full Version: Amon Amarth Style
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Original lesson: Amon Amarth Style by Lian Gerbino

Hi there! i really like this style,and so I want to try my hand))

Kristofer Dahl
Hi Siinthd,

This is looking and sounding good.

The one thing that caught my ears is that throughout riffing in the first part Lian let's the open notes or chords ring as long as possible.

I think that in order to prepare your hands for the positions shifts, you don't let the notes ring out quite as much Lian - and therefore the melodic movement is not perceived as musical.

Overall you are doing good - and I am giving you an 8 on this level 3 lesson.
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Siinthd!

You are doing a very good job with this one. There are not dramatic issues to fix here. Your palm muting and overal picking sounds good and consistent.

However, there is still a bit to do in order to get the most from this one. I notice that there are two elements that still have room for improvements: Rhythm and Dynamics. The things that I'll mark are very subtle so you need to compare both takes and listen with attention to the differences.

Regarding rhythm, if we take the first gallop setion, we can notice that your version is a bit "hurried" and sometimes the "gallop" doesn't jump. Listen to Lian's and see how his gallop jumps and sounds a bit reheated (I hope that this is the right English word). This rhythm also requires a specific dynamics work that accentuates the longest note of each pattern... Taa tatataaa tatataaa biggrin.gif

Something similar happens with the fast section starting at 00:34. Here the main problem is that you play all the notes with the same intensity while you need to accentuate the first of each group of four 16th notes. This will make it sound more consistent and will help you to play it much tighter.

Again, this are not big issues but you need to work on them to take your rhythm skills to the next level.

Keep on the hard work!! wink.gif
Darius Wave
Hey there!

This is generally quite a good take but remember that double-tracking is a great opportunity to capture some inconsistencies in your playing (of this particular song of course). I think there are some irregularities in the strength of pal pressure and resting position of your right hand - not every note sound the same well muted - some of them are "over-percussionised". It means they lost too much of definition(rott note information) comparing to blank attack.

Sometimes when you press to hard with your palm, you loose controle over timming. This causes these little sync issues between both guitar tracks.

There are also some noises (scratching, cracking etc) that should not happen...or at least happen at the same time in both channels (if the particualr position shift actually makes impossible to avoid one)....but...they happen randomly so it leaves a feeling part of this could have been fixed.

I have no serious complaints about this take so I just got into details seeing you challenged the double-tracking. Besides these details it's a nice work smile.gif
Pass: 8
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