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Full Version: Masters of Sweeping
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Original lesson: Masters of Sweeping by Ben Higgins

Hello Everyone smile.gif
I've been working on this sweep lesson for almost a year now,
Let's see how that goes

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Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Anese! I've already commented this one at Gab's Army Thread (Mentoring Program) so I'm here just for grading.

Keep on the hard work mate! smile.gif
Kristofer Dahl
Very cool Anese - you have put some amazing work into this. I have recorded a video with advice I think will take you to the next level:

I think that any glitches related to hand sync/vibrato we can find here are well within what can be tolerated for a level 3 lesson - and I will give you an 8. Keep up the hard work!
Darius Wave
Hey there!

I've watched your take with full attention and I enjoyed the fact how focused and confident you were while performing. Considering the length of the track these very few slightly "messed" notes (hand sync or fretting hand issues) disappear in majority of good stuff.
You remind a sport man that takes his workouts seriously and spend just the right amount of time and attention to achive the target.

I had no complaints along your take, besides two things that are rather a next step to get even better, than cirtical problems.

1. Remember that vibrato can be messed both was - under or overexpression leaves same feeling that something doesn't fit. In your case I would start being carefull on vibrato depth/width. at some points you overexpress so it even goes slightly up with the pitch and create a feeling that it's not perfectly in tune. Always control the string the way it goes back to it's full release point.

2. right hand motion. I had some kind of weird feelings about your right hand. From one point of view it does correctly move down without "jump" effect between strings. From the other point it doesn't look like it's not doing it smoothly and relaxed way - just makign the pick slip from one string to another. It's a slippery thing to discuss since if things work, than why to bother. Well...actually you need to ask yourself if this does affect your right hand ina good or bad way. This tempo should give you the ability to keep your right hand relaxed. It's difficult becasue with this particular technique (sweep) it's tricky to manage the discipline of proper pick slant moments. Harder than in fast tempo. If it does make any problems try to refer to Kirs awesome feedback video.

Summary. This is piece of hard and visible work. You can feel proud of yourself. We spot some problems (even if tiny) because this is why we're for but...your work deserves some congratulations. Well done.
Pass: 8
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