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Full Version: Diminished Responsibility
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Original lesson: Diminished Responsibility by Ben Higgins

Kristofer Dahl
Hi Siinthd,

Thanks - it's very rewarding to see your ongoing work!

* Your tremolo picking (ie at 00:37) uses only the wrist, in accordance to my previous personal video to you (see below) here is also an example where you want to make use of the muscles in your arm as well.

* Your hand sync in the faster runs could be improved for a much improved tone. The idea is that if both hands strike the notes at the exact same time you get a much cleaner and steadier tone. The old school trick of slowing things down is a good way to practice this.

* Your vibrato sounds pretty good here. I would advise to keep working on your vibrato/bending technique following my previous advice (embedding it below for others). Do also spend some time studying other players left hand/arm when executing vibrato.

Keep up the hard work, you get a 7 from me!
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Siinthd!

You've already received excellent feedback about your hand posture by Kris. It's very important to work on it. Here I'll give you some extra comments from things that I can hear in your video:

- The first element that you could work (some minutes every day) is your Tone. Please compare your take with Ben's and you'll notice differences regarding the overall quality of his guitar tone (EQ, Sound colour, Feel, Dynamics). I would try with different EQ configurations and Amps.

- Be careful with Pitch when you do your vibrato. Check the first one at 00:04, when you do a half tone bend. Your vibrato is wide and strong which is a great thing, just pay attention to pitch and try to make the vibration more connected with the groove of the track, and the progress more gradual. Ben is a master on it, practice a bit emulating his vibrato.

-Faster licks like the one at 00:15 could sound more consistent. The problem here is Hand Sync when playing with Alternate Picking technique. I recommend you to get into this lesson:

- The bends between 00:19 and 00:23 needs special attention. The first is missing a killer vibrato that is Ben's copyright style. I remember having to work a lot on a similar one when doing the "Instructor vs Instructor" video. Then, the double stop part is not reaching the right pitch on the second bend.

- The same happens at 00:35. It seems that you need to put some work on vibrato when bending. This lesson is great for this:

Ok mate, that's all by now, keep on the hard work! I've commented many things to make this feedback useful but it doesn't mean that this is a bad take. There are many strong point here, and that's why my grade is a 7!

Darius Wave
Hey there!

Great to see you working hard on your playing progress. I think you have a great attitude and you're ready to work hard. To add my 5 cents to what Kris has pointed, I will just say that I can notice you are able to use more muscles than just the wrist. I can see it on some of the slwoer runs. Now the trick is that things you do while your hand is relaxed, should be applied to fast playing as well. Most common issues to block people from playing fast it they put too much effort (strength-wise) to boost the speed while it is generally exactly the opposite that should be done. The faster you want to play the wiser you need to be in the managment of your right hand tension adn relax moments. I usully jadvice to start thinking like "i don't care" or "I don't need to be precise. Try from sloppy and soft playign but at the tempo. Than see where are the spot where you can increase the strength to boost overall like performance. That how I would start working on it.

Second thing is your vibrato and bending - you need to work on the pitch control. You tend to bend too low and to vibrate over bent note (you often do not cross "perfect pitch point" of a note. IT leaves a feel of thigns being slightly out of pitch. These things are often caused by overexpression. Try to calm and carefully listen to the notes while you bend or vibrate. I'm sure you'll easily detect the issue and by focusing on it, you can fix it.
Pass: 7
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