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Full Version: Do You Keep Anything Broke?
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After watching this and gave thought, its funny how nothing guitar related I have is broke smile.gif I do have a synth though, a Roland D-50 which some keys aren't working. Bought it used many years ago to see if I'd like synth.s like guitars, I didn't biggrin.gif

Todd Simpson
I still have my old Digitech multi unit which was built before it all went crap over at digitech. One of the last units made of metal not plastic and with 2 of the nice processor chips. Still gets great tones. The GNX3 was the culmination of all of their work. The GNX4 was good. Then every processor after that struck me as purely crap. Some folks loved em smile.gif I hated all of them. High gain tones were just awful imho. I used this unit for wads of live gigs and it never failed. Eventually I broke the buttons on the record and foot section. It's been through hell smile.gif
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I have a few fx pedals that are super rare (and broken w/o available parts) that I just can't give up on ... yet.
*I did just part with a real Solasound Tonebender that I swore I'd "never let go". The offer was too good.
I need to fix a couple broken jack sockets on my original Marshall Guv'nor Mk1
While not entirely broken, my laptop has a broken screen. I have connected it to a computer monitor on the wall in front of my electronical drum kit. I can use it for videos and sheets. Mind you, I haven't really used it that much. I enjoy playing drums, but I keep not playing anyway! laugh.gif
Sensible Jones
I still have old Amps from over the years that need attention.
Unfortunately my old 1967 Selmer blew it's Power Supply and needs replacing and my mid 80's Peavey Renown has something wrong with the Pre-Amp side which is making a lot of noise but I don't know much about more Solid State electronics! (Although one of my brothers does!!)
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