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Hey guys

its like, how do I play in Pickslanting Mode through the alternate picking or it is meant to play pickslanting insted of alternate ? Espeacially at string change sequences.

See ya
Kristofer Dahl
Cool question!

Pickslanting is way of describing how you tilt the pick - and it can be done with alternate picking. Let me try to show you:

On this picture, there is no "slanting" - I am just about to strike the G string with the pick slightly angled for easier traverse the string:
Click to view attachment
This is also called "edge picking"

Here I am tilting the pick to achieve downward pickslanting, I am just about to strike the G string:
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Upward pickslanting, I am just about to strike the G string:
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I suggest you try the different 'slantings' with any picking lick you are working on, and see if it feels easier. Sometimes you need to use both - which basically means you will be doing no tilt (see the first picture). You are tilting in the middle ground = no tilt. If this is the case, you can just forget all about pickslanting! πŸ˜…

I find downward pickslanting to be completely superior for even note licks, for example:

1.A - 2 note per string pentatonic picking:

1.B - 4 note per string:

1.C - Or any combination of 2 and 4:

I never use upward pickslanting unless I am sweeping from the thin string to the thick strings.

EDIT - video to further clarify:

so it belongs to every different guitar player if he she use it? Darius for example just use alternate edge picking? I can combine both or just use one of them. At triplets eg my feeling says do not use pickslanting.
The way to combine is the treasure. Thx for this hint.

Kristofer Dahl
Yes there are various ways of getting around the strings - so it's individual how you want to solve it. A few examples for triplets:

2.A Strict alternate picking:

E--------------------5-7-8- UPward picklanting
B--------------5-7-8------- DOWNward pickslanting
G-------4-5-7-------------- UPward picklanting
D-4-5-7-------------------- DOWNward pickslanting . (start with DOWNSTROKE)

In this example you will need to change pickslanting direction with every string. Paul Gilbert style! Or you could try to just remain "in the middle" (first image in my previous reply) and not think about pickslanting too much.

2.B Economy picking:

E--------------------5-7-8- DOWNward pickslanting (DOWNSTROKE)
B--------------5-7-8------- DOWNward pickslanting (DOWNSTROKE)
G-------4-5-7-------------- DOWNward pickslanting (DOWNSTROKE)
D-4-5-7-------------------- DOWNward pickslanting (DOWNSTROKE)

Here we start every string switch with a downstroke , and it also makes perfect sense to only do downward pickslanting. This is how Yngwie does it.

2.C Strict alternate picking + legato
(my favorite way of doing it)

E--------------------5-7h8- DOWNward pickslanting (DOWNSTROKE)
B--------------5-7h8------- DOWNward pickslanting (DOWNSTROKE)
G-------4-5h7-------------- DOWNward pickslanting (DOWNSTROKE)
D-4-5h7-------------------- DOWNward pickslanting (DOWNSTROKE)

Because we only pick two notes per string it's easy to use strict alternate picking + downslanting. This is how Yngwie did it in the early stage in his career.
Kristofer Dahl
I have recorded a video to show you the tabbed examples and clarify things further:

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