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Full Version: Alternate Picking - Thirds
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Original lesson: Alternate Picking - Thirds by Muris Varajic


I started this lesson 2016 in "Gab mentor Thread"
I had a lot of trouble with the timing.

2019 - I’m working my thumb with this one.
It’s not a big movement yet, but I’m thinking about it more and more.

Here old take 2016/08

<div class="youtube-embed"></div>
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi MisterM!!

It's awesome to see your progress man! We've been working at the mentoring thread for a long time and I have to say that you are a hard worker mate. smile.gif

I don't notice anything to fix in this new take. This lesson is a great training exercise so I think that it's good to keep it in your guitar session to warm up and keep your alternate picking technique in shape.

It's a 10! Congrats mate!
Todd Simpson
Very well done!! Your hand synch is very tight. There is ZERO extra string noise. Your precision is some of the best I"ve seen from you. Clearly you have been putting time in to your practice. It's great to see you getting better and better with each and every video!!
The only complaint I have is a very very small one. You are moving your picking hand from low to high string as you go. This is a personal pet peeve of mine and not something most instructors care about. But, this is me smile.gif I try to suggest a "center strategy" where the hand stays in the middle of the bridge and rotates at the wrist to hit all strings from high to low. That way, one can mute or un mute any string in under a beat when needed. It allows amazing dynamics control.

Also, you are sitting "Side saddle" with the guitar on your right leg. This is also just a concern for me as an instructor. I urge people to try classical position (guitar on the left leg) as it is more similar to the angle of the hand when standing. Thus things learned sitting, translate to playing when standing. These are fairly minor and didn't prevent me from enjoying your take. Solid 9 from me!!
Darius Wave
Hey there.

Thumb action or circle picking addition is not always necessary or even warm wellcome. Actually I find myself being able to keep better timing if I focus in a wrist motion in this kind of medium tempo. Thumb and index finger muscles are very useful when you want to play really fast.

Overall I like your consistency in this take. My feeling about your picking here are rather good. It reminds me a little of Vinnie Moore tone and licks form the 90's lesson.

We spoke about that before and I;m not sure how much affect this will have on your further progress but I find your right hand habits more familiar form great players who rather played jazz, country or fusion at some point. I do not recall much of gloryfied alternate pickers who used similar pattern. Maybe because it has some limits. Ther are people like Marty Friedman who used to learn to pick with quite weird hand position. He's exceptional. It proves you can do anythign with just the right attitude and hard work long as he is an exception, the 98% of other shreders use different hand positioning. Probably because it was easier to reach high speeds.

Your hand does not rest on the pinky side. From my analysis this particular hand angle allows me to use thumb and index finegr for additional spped boost. When I rotate my hand the way you do, I feel like some tensed muscles blocks my ability to freely move my thumb.

The worst part is that it after many years of playing it would be hard as hell to prove yto yourself that any change is better becasue for reseting ytour hand habits is a long term target and it will frustrate you because of disability to play lot's of stuff you already played. I know what I'm saying because I did change totally my pickign hand mechanics once and I had to do the step back to make 2 steps forward. That's why I know these are not just empty words.

Now it is your decision. What you show in this take doesn't leave nothing to claim imho. You can keep going this way and see where it will bring you. If you find someday that you are kind of stucked at some speed level, you will mayeb need to remind my words.

These are my conclusions after long term observations of your playing and progress.
Kristofer Dahl
Very nice!

The only technical issue I can spot are double notes ringing - that probably happens because you keep the note from the "previous string" ringing for a little too long. It is no biggie but fixing it will give you a totally clean and pro impression.

I agree with what's been said about the thumb movement which I know you are working on. It is obviously not always needed - but a good tool to have under your belt in order to handle any picking situation you may encounter.

Solid work - you get a 9 from me!
Pass: 9.25
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