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Full Version: Basic Rock Guitar: Funk Rock
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Original lesson: Basic Rock Guitar: Funk Rock by Guido Bungenstock

Hello GMC

I’ve been learning this wonderful Guido’s lesson for 3 months.
I’ve had a lot of difficulty with timing. 
I worked with the metronome and tablature to understand the placement.

I sent some take to my coach "Gab" - He advised me to work on the "funk palm mute" section. 

Today I feel like I’ve made some progress 
In terms of tone, I used the overloud rock crunch preset 
that I adapted to the 3 sections.

<div class="youtube-embed"></div>
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate,

Great job here! I’ve been following your progress and I can say that I notice important improvements in this new take. Your playing is much more consistent now and I only note some room to improve timing when playing muted strums between power chords (first section) and off course in the funky section.

One good trick to work on this is to practice playing the rhythm with muted strums over the backing or metronome for some minutes.

Besides this, you could also put some attention to vibrato since I sometimes find it irregular. The harmonized and the last solo sound great to me. Great timing and clean phrasing.

I’ll give you an 8. Keep on the good job!
Darius Wave
Hey there!

As usual your take is very descent and there are no critial mistakes to fix. I enjoyed your performace. Yet we know the target you are attempting to hit so we need to go into details.

Guido uses more relaxed and more strum-related hand moves on the beginning of each chord. It's better to mute 6th string with your left hand and let your right hand move freely across the strings. It gives more solid structure of these chords. IT also affects timing. You give yourself some kind of safe-zone by resting your pick on the 5th string before the hit. This way it sound more like a pick slant and less like a strum. It's a detail but one of these tha make Guido's take sound like it does.

I think you don't give a fair time for these chords to ring. You break them too fast to give yourself some time for position shifts. You disturb and it affects clarity and timing. It's like you would need to focus before you do anything with your left hand.

We had some conversation about picking technique. It's good you can add your thumb and index finger muscels but I told you before - it's not always does any good to the lick. In this case the pick grip should rather be stiff and solid. We need to put some more of pick tip inbetween string and focus on making the movement only with the wrist. This will help both - timing and tonal consistency of each note.

As for vibrato I can notice it is a little unconfident but definitely a good word to be written about the execution - you know what to do and same as Guido, you use 8th note pusling for vibration speed. You also let the note have a breat hbefore you start vibration - that's anothe plus for my perspective. I think I can say that any inconsistency in vibrato is caused by the same factor as previous issues. This vibrato is not totally "jus ta habit" yet soe when you switch your focus to "what's comming next, than the vibration looses it's smoothnes.

Probably tehre are some very litle minor timing and pitch issues but not huge enough to focus on them. Great job

Kristofer Dahl
Very nice! This sounds really good - and I agree this is the perfect lesson choice for you.

The first thing I reacted on was your right hand as well - which is not quite as loose and natural as Guido's - and this is also the reason why you needed this lesson. There are also some other nuances to work on as the others have commented on.

I think your progress is extremely progressing as you are obviously locked into fixing on your progress areas - and the end result will be scary for sure!

Keep up the great work, you get an 8 form me!

Pass: 8
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