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Full Version: Basic Rock Rhythm #2
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Original lesson: Basic Rock Rhythm #2 by Darius Wave

Darius Wave
Hey there!

Very nice in general. You did your homework. I do not have much to complain but to make your performance even better you would need to spend some more time on rechecking the pitch on your tuner. There is a constant feel of imprefect pitch through all the take. Remember that guitar is a "nasty" instrument that needs to be well setup and carefully tuned respecting the fact that it hass some little "off's" on each fret (+/- 3 cents). It's good to compromise the tuning process and set the string so it will show the grren light not only on the open strings but also at the nearest frets.

In the chorus part sometimes unwnated string noise cuts through. MAke sure you always have a contatc of any kind with the string that should not take a part in the lick.

Timing - you tend to rush. Take a deep breath and let yourself flow with the drums - a little slower at some points.

Your right hand looks very good - common hand angle and pick grip + relaxed wrist. Your left hand also looks good in general (good fretting points near the frets and good shaping) but it has some moments when other fingers coulod stay steady on the fretboard (unnecessary movements) and the "mordent" ornmants are not as efficient as they should be (the licks where you hit the note and then do to legato up and go back to the note with pull-off).

I would strongly recommend to take care of the tuning thing because it takes away lot's of full performance. Much more than any other detail and it is the easiest to eliminate.
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi again mate!

Great input by Darius here to add to what I've said at Gab's Army thread.

Keep on the good job!
Kristofer Dahl

I agree this would be a top notch take if it weren't for the tuning issue.

My guess would be that your strings are old/dirty - as I get a somewhat phasy, slightly jarry impression from those strings. Old strings typically throw your intonation out of the window - so even if your setup is perfect you will get this issue with old strings.

Keep up the excellent work, you get an 8 from me.
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