Hello guys!

I'm glad all the instructors finally have their personal sub-forums where you can ask each one of them what you would like to know!

We discussed it with GMC stuff and we decided that these sub-forums would greatly help in communication with our dear students so i encourage you to post questions and everything you want to know in these instructor's forums instead of posting a Private Message because it turns out that we get same question asked 10 times a day and each time we have to type the same answer! And don't be ashamed of asking ANYTHING because you are not the only one who wants to know the answer - it's just - you are the only one who is not afraid to ASK!!! smile.gif

We also divided our boards in sub-boards so you can easily know were to ask a question! All kinds of questions are welcome - personal, gear, techniques, etc.

We are here to help YOU so don't hesitate - ASK! By asking you are also helping out the other guys that will join GMC after you, and when they come in, they will already have their questions answered!

Welcome to our brand new boards!

TIP: before posting a question - check the board - maybe it has already been asked before! smile.gif

Greetz, Pavel