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Full Version: Jazzy Blues
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Original lesson: Jazzy Blues by Jonathan Burgos

Hi Gmc

Here my take
For this one I used for the first time my DVMARK MULTIAMP
No Cab : I used nadir (orange simulation cab)
Thank you "farine54" for advices

I gave the best of my self

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Kristofer Dahl
Killer vibrato here mate!

Generally this is very very good.

The lesson features some very interesting, accented "bouncy" kind of picking. Yours could be a tad tighter - ie around 00:29. I would advise you try to relax your right hand a little more. Speaking of which, your right hand work is getting better with every REC take!

You have got a nice tone going there - if you want to get even closer to Jonathan's I would say try to get some more warmth - more specifically low midrange punch.

Well done you get a 9 from me!
Todd Simpson
Wow!!!!! This is very impressive. You deliver a very precise performance and you keep it fun. It's a very easy listen and all the pieces are there. This has all of your ability on display. Your muting is solid and your picking is precise. Nothing is out of place. Beyond technique I can you are "feeling" the piece. You have locked in to the groove and that's sometimes the hardest thing.

Very solid tone as well. Not to much gain, not to little. Just right. You have developed an ear for tone and for the subtle parts of vibarato. super Contrats Solid 9 from me!!!!

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi MisterM!

As I've said at the mentoring program, your work on this lesson is impressive. I've been following your progress at the thread and every element is a lot better now. I can hear improvements regarding tone, timing, feeling, and groove, which are things that you had to work hard to polish.

It's great to see that both Kris and Todd added some valuable feedback here with details to make everything even better.

I'll give you another 9! Congrats!
Darius Wave
Hey there!

AS for the first impression I noticed the tone difference before reading that you actualyl did change anything smile.gif I was wondering if it's only that guitar that makes so much difference smile.gif Anyway...the tone i great

Besides some little imperfections that you surely are concoius of, I notice the difference in dynamics range between you and original take. I think your strong accents aren't strong enough - they do not give that bite effect that clearly stands out from the mix. There is also a problem with smoothnes of your bery light pick slanting. What Jonathan does is almost legato-like sound of his alternate runs while he picks very gently. In your takes same parts sound still too harsh and not glued well enough. I supposed it is partially a random palm muting that happens while it shouldn't.

I wonder if you could get slightly confused by the little compression that add's this palm-muting-feeling on slow videos.

I general I think you tend to rush with the timing in this one.

Now even if there are some things pointed out, it still needs to be written how huge is your progress on that field
Pass: 9
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