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Full Version: 6 Power Rock Ballad Licks
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Original lesson: 6 Power Rock Ballad Licks by Guido Bungenstock

Absolutely love this style of playing, so no doubt I had to give it a shot! I had to cheat a bit at 0:34, since I am a long time away from executing the original lick at that speed.

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate! This is a killer lesson and Guido's playing is very inspiring.

This is a very difficult take and I can say that you have done a very good take. I just feel that you need to polish some details and this will be a bomb. There are many small elements that I'd like to commend so I'll analyse lick by lick.

LICK 1: That tremolo bar work can be polished, I can understand well what you are doing (maybe it's because your tone is not clear enough), but I hear clearer ideas on Guido's phrases. There is a timing issue when you play that slide at 00:08 (notice that Guido plays it with a bend).

LICK 2: Good take! You can polish a bit timing, articulation (notes length and making licks sound smoother) and work on your dynamics. You vibrato can sound more consistent, work on it.

LICK 3: Good picking mate! Just try to get Guido's dynamics when playing the ascending lick. Notice how he accentuates some notes. Then, the last bend is not reaching the right pitch, and its vibrato is a bit weak.

LICK 4: In this one I start to hear more important pitch issues... I wonder if your guitar went out of tune after the first licks.... There are pitch issues when phrasing and also when bending. I feel that this licks needs to be reviewed since there are many subtle details like how fast you bend, rhythm, and other phrasing details that sound different. You sound like "hurried" in this one... Also, the first fast lick sound clean but a bit different... is there any note missing there?

LICK 5: Good job here, just focus on dynamics.

LICK 6: That faces indicates that the last lick is not played like in the lesson... laugh.gif

Ok mate, I hope that this feedback helps and inspires!

Keep on rocking.
Todd Simpson
Well Done!!! There are a TON of licks and a TON of notes here. It's a virtual clinic on putting techniques together in context. I can see that you've put a lot of time in on this and it's been worth it. The speedy licks are quite tricky and you pull them off. As Gabe mentioned, there are some issues with the trem bar and the vibrato and the dynamics. These are things that will get better through simple repetition. You've got the basis of each of the licks down so all that remains is to polish them.

Your picking technique here is quite impressive. There is a lot of alternate picking going on which requires very tight hand synchronization, especially on the quick runs. If you lose your hand synch, these licks will fall apart. The good news is that you keep it nice and tight.

As for what could be improved, as was mentioned, dynamics are a big part of these licks. It's a subtle part of playing that is easily overlooked. Listen to Guido play the long scale run/licks, notice how he varies his pick strike intensity and his palm mute intensity to create a very lively, dynamic vibe.

Overall I'm impressed with your take here and I look forward to hearing your next one! Solid 7 from me!

Guido Bungenstock
THX for your covering my licks. Good Job! ;-)
Darius Wave
Hey there

The first go-throough of your take leaves a lot of good impression. You are very close with most of the stuff here. Observing your hand I believe you have enough of technical headroom to play these likcs at the studio level. I guess it's a matter of unproportionally more practise time so it 100% goes into musclke memorey and you could keep 100% of your focus on timing and pitch. at this point you still look like it's getting too much of your attention to control your position shifts.

At 0:54 remember that it is also very important how we end the licks. Next time give some respect to how long the note lasts and how you mute it. This one was quite harsh smile.gif

at the end try to remember to push and let the whammy bar release itself. It sounds like your tremolo did not get to the point 0 and final lick sound way out of tune comparing to previous ones.

Gabriel has posted lots of useful feedback. There's no need to double it. You should should know that you are quite good already, and you need to bring focus to very small detials because that is what really makes a difference in pro playing. General discipline and order with things such as unwanted noises and pitch are critical smile.gif

Kristofer Dahl
Very cool!

I would just like to emphasize what's been said about vibrato.

What you want is a wide vibrato motion generated by your arm muscles - and not so much from your fingers. And be laid back - it's much better to start the vibrato too late than too early.

Please see other personal videos I have done to people on the REC board - this is a very common issue!

Well done here, especially the tone you get from your picking runs is very impressive! You get a 7 from me.
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