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Full Version: Take 3: Dynamics Control
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Original lesson: Dynamics Control by Diego Budicin

I think this is my third December in a row that I attempt this lesson :D Glad I didn`t catch my face in this one, because I suffered from severe guitar/concentration face.

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
Todd Simpson
First off congrats on getting this many licks working at once. This is a huge clinic on Dynamic Play. It's NOT an easy thing to keep the dynamics in mind while remembering all the notes/licks. Super well done there.

I did notice about 44 seconds in, that you start to have a little trouble. You are using very minimal gain so pinch harmonics are not going to be easy and are going to rquire a lot of vibrato. Also, the passage just after the pinch has some timing issues that could be sorted.

I"m enjoying your playing here, it just seems like it could maybe use a pinch more polish right after the 44 second or so mark where that pinch harmonic starts. I hope this makes sense smile.gif


QUOTE (mhskeide @ Dec 3 2019, 07:04 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Original lesson: Dynamics Control by Diego Budicin

I think this is my third December in a row that I attempt this lesson biggrin.gif Glad I didn`t catch my face in this one, because I suffered from severe guitar/concentration face.

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate!

I can't see your face but I imagine it because all those expressions are translated to your playing. I notice that you improved most of the parts and that there are only details to fix here, but there is still work to do in order to enjoy what your are playing, breath and relax. Once you can do this, your overall playing will sound better, but this will happen only if you focus more on polishing this specific lesson (in the case you want it).

In other words, the things that are lacking here are expressive elements like dynamics, articulation, groove, and this happens because it seems that these type of phrases and licks aren't natural for you yet.

How to fix it? Dedicating more time to assimilate each phrases, each melody, each lick, until it becomes a natural lick for you. Play each of them as a loop over the backing, create variations, combine them with other licks of your own. That's what you need to do if you want to familiarize more with this type of playing and take the more from this one.

That would be the next step, but it doesn't mean that this is a bad take. For me it's an 8!

Kristofer Dahl
Lovely sound here, I could def see myself trying to dial in this type of tone for dynamic soloing. I would probably add a tad more reverb/delay though. And not that it really matters here, but Diego's sound is probably little more midrange "scooped".

I agree that what is lacking here is the final "edge". You have done a really great job nailing all the licks - and the final step would be for you to burst them out like you haven't done anything else your entire life. As you can understand this is not easy - and this is usually where our more advanced students tend to "get stuck" - for lack of a better word.

The technical way to approach this is to get really picky with all the details: micro timing, micro bending, hand sync etc
However I think it's also important to mention that to get that last 10% bit of extra musicality, you don't necessarily need to nail Diego's exact micro techniques - although that would be a great starting point. However you do need to display and use them, your way or his way - whichever works for you.

Greta job here - you get an 8 from me!
Darius Wave
Hey there!

First thing that catched my attention is a weird vibrato. Diego in his original take, hits than note and then starts to smoothly add the vibrato by slowly speeding up the vibration. You do a weird thing like "2 pulses and than vibrato". It sounds nervous instead of creating a liner tension increasement for a listener.

Around 0:39 when you spend so much time on lesson to pull out the details, you can learn the perfect right hand spots for pinch harmonics as well. Of course let's not get crazy with it. You don't have to measure a milimeters /inches form the bridge but sometiems little tips for particular time spots are doing a great job. For example right before w pinch harmonic you remember that you ned to mobe your hand a slice to the right comparing to your regular picking position. some other harmonic will demand a move a little to the left....etc. These little guide tips help to keep consistency between different takes and to avoid leaving things random and expecting to happen correct somehow smile.gif

At 0:33 there is a visible problem on the 12th fret. This can be caused by the fretbuzz but....tehre is also another reason possible. You can hear the fluttering effect. Try to lower all pickups (usually the neck one is most affective on the string sustain if it's too close). You can go ridicously low at first to make sure other pickups don't affect the string while you test one of 3. If you have Alnico based pickups with pole pieces made of magnets than it is natural to go really low with them..because they do affect thesustain in a bad way if too high.

In general I have a feeling that your guitar is slightly low with the pitch comparing to the backing track. Unfortunately this takes some points because it affects the performance through all it's length sad.gif

There are also some imprecise runs but I'm sure you felt them under your fingers, and you'll fix them next time smile.gif

Keep in mind all this doesn't change the fact that to this point you already did some great job smile.gif
Pass: 7.25
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