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Full Version: Take 2: Blues Soloing - Beginner/Intermediate
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Original lesson: Blues Soloing - Beginner/Intermediate by Ivan Milenkovic

Revisiting lessons I have attempted and failed. Hopefully some improvement this time :)

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate!!

I have to say that it's awesome to compare this new take with the previous one! I notice awesome improvements regarding everything I've commented in your previous take. The most relevant element improved here is pitch when phrasing, bending and doing vibrato. This improvement has taken your overall playing to a new level.

I also think that your tone is better here as well as your timing feel. You can keep these licks into your diary practice for a while to make them of your own, but this definitely passed.

GREAT job!

Kristofer Dahl
Wow what a lovely take - made me want to get up and dance!

Sound, groove & timing is all great here!

I would say the most important area to work on would be your vibrato - try to listen to the subtleties of other player's vibrato/bending and try to get a bit more 'fire' going. Vibrato is how you show the listener that you really mean what you are saying!

Killer job here- you get a 9 from me!
Darius Wave
After reading your info I've decided to go back to your previous take, then go to listen to original your brand new take smile.gif Your first take was missing some air from both - tone setup and your hands. What you did now i much closer to original.

I liked the way you've executed the ornament sweep from high to low strings with such an ease. You do something bonus that feels very familiar too me personally - instead of using regular picking(as in the original) You've added some hybrid picking. Keep in mind it affects the tonal response of your take. Let's leave it to personal taste of every listener.

There are lot's of unregular licks in this lesson. No wonder - that's how blues feels. In general the sense of time in blues playing is way different than funk and progressive metal for example. The time flows and is not square. I think Ivan had some hard time trying to transcribe every note.

As for dynamics I think you did not nailed the thing yet. You are missing the "bitiest" part. You need to spend some time experimenting with your picking. some notes that are clearly accented and have lot's of brilliance in original, do not translate same in your take. Try to get some more bite from the pick being pushed through the string....a kind of pick slap instead of just making a stronger wrist motion. That's where sharpest picking comes from and it doesn't take much of additional strength.
Pass: 8.7
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