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Hey Kai I was just wondering what amp are you using in your recordings?
Kai Muehlenbruch
for the lessons and other stuff like "demos" i used the Behringer V-amp pro.

imo a cool thing for the money...but i only use 2 sounds of it...the marshall amp simulation and the engl savage simulation...what you hear in the videos is the savage...

i´ve been changing from line6 to behringer since the ampsimulation was better back in time, if you ask me...


the line 6 xt IS KILLER! check out the latest updates if someone of your friends has one!
i will get myself one! for sure...

anything else? i hope that helped you somehow biggrin.gif its just my opp wink.gif
Kai Muehlenbruch
perhaps you also ment my live equipment? i dunno? smile.gif
Man your amp owns in the metal rhytem lesson.

Bout line 6. I tried line 6 Spider III 75 and it sound totally digital. Not sure bout XT though....

What do you think of roland Cube 60? Its supposed to give the gighest for a under $400 budget.
QUOTE (jammer91 @ Sep 5 2007, 10:50 PM) *
Man your amp owns in the metal rhytem lesson.

Bout line 6. I tried line 6 Spider III 75 and it sound totally digital. Not sure bout XT though....

What do you think of roland Cube 60? Its supposed to give the gighest for a under $400 budget.

Not Kai
But i can tell you i have the Roland cube 30 and it is killer.Great sounds all the effects are great ,just a perfect amp imo smile.gif
Kai Muehlenbruch

the lessons so far were done with the behringer v-amp pro, i changed it into a line 6 pod xt

and now I tell you something about my experience with amps, and in general a bit info might be cool huh?

first you guys should know:

- what you want to do with your "amp". it is a good thing to have an amp that covers "practising" ; "recording" and so on.

- but you also have to know what you want to record how, for what reason and so on...

- you also have to know if you record more professional what microphones you use with what amp your own idea of sound...and that takes quite a while...

- if you are in a band with another guitarist it could be useful to make sure your ampsound will like "match" with the others wink.gif

bla!bla! you get the picture?!

i dont think i am able to tell anyone what the right amp is for him by not even knowing what the guy wants to do with it...well...

if you have the right amp, that does not depend on what brand etc.! make sure you have the right amp for right situation!

there is a lot of amps that can do almost everything. and there is a lot of brands that offer a lot for the money.

now if you ask me, i´ll tell you something about my experiences with amps:

- i play metal on stage and in bands since i am 14 or so. both as a bassplayer and as a guitarist, and since about a couple of years i also sing. my first real amp for usage in a band is the laney gh-100l. i still have it and love it. most of all because it was my first one, and it is quite unique, since i combined it with a certain kind of h&h loaded 4x12 laney box...i did not see that amp anywhere else yet...well...its also fantastic for recording and live usage and so on, but i don´t want to carry it around anymore, since it is my first amp;) and its modded also;)

- for my band galloglass, in both cd-productions we used tons of equipment. but i bought also the triamp of a friend back then to have that sound the amp about 7 years later i think of selling it because my taste for that sound changed totally. and i can´t find the right mics to let this amp sound the way i want to have it sound on a professional is a monster of an amp, i love its sound especially in the band constellation with another guitarist, but for the studio i dont like it... since i did not find out how to set up the mics for that one...well

- i used the behringer v-amp in almost every situation i could think of. i first went for homerecording and productional usage with the line 6 guitar port. i used the 1st drivers ever for line 6 guitarport, because there was this awesome marshall simulation i wanted to have even on stage, it was just i tried to build something to get it on stage, since that sound was nowhere to be found on anything else line 6 had back then. it was quite a problem biggrin.gif when i installed new drivers for the line 6 guitarport i realized they changed something and my presets, i made within months, sounded totally different, with the latest drivers. i got quite angry...because there was cool new things coming with the driver update i could use also...but i decided to work with version 1 of the drivers, since that was just my sound back then. later i found out that the v-amp offers a cool amp simulation/ speaker simulation that for my taste just blew everything from line 6 away. i spoke to my friends, my bandmates and we started to work with the v-amp in the studio and so on. now, some of my friend knew, i was like the behringer pseudo-endorser #1 and they showed me the new pod xt -live. i was impressed by what the thing can do but within 2 days i didnt find one sound i could use since i dont need any fx bla i stuck with the v-amp pro. i also used a second v-amp pro with different 19" power amplifiers. it sounded fantastic in combination with the marshall el 50, but i did not want to have tubes in my new live rig since i wanted to build the cheapest rig with best possible sound. so i chose the hughes&kettner cf200 amp. an old thing with a tube simulation. one can only get it in a pawnshop or so...noone wants to have that thing and they don´t build it anymore, but i liked it. . it was cool to use this for coversongs also, yet i don´t like fx so much i had them to get the sound of the original wink.gif

my life rig was:

-akg wireless system
- korg dtr- 1000
- behringer v-amp pro
- h&k cf 200
- and thomann t-racks powermangement...

this setup of rig for only around 600€ worked ok and came quite close to a real tube amp.

i have been recording for pre-productional use, with the line 6 xt, the behringer v-amp / and v-amp pro, my laney gh-100l, my hughes&kettner triamp mk.I , a marshall slash signature, the peavey 5150, different ENGL amps and rack systems and looooooooots of other, in the studio, just for jammin around...well...and and and

but that all happend years ago. in that time things changed! i gained a lot of knowledge about how i want to create my sound and so on...but i am still learning!

now my fantastic beloved v-amp pro broke during the recording to the new lesson i am working on and i had rerecord everything...since i traded my second one i had to get a new choice for lessons and pre-pro is now the pod xt wink.gif

i dont get any credit for telling you guys anything here. AND I DONT like that talking about brands anymore.

but i will tell you what i find good for what situation:

- best practising amp: ROLAND MICROCUBE

i use it for noodling around and teaching and it has a battery that last forever, so you can actually gather some friends in the park and jam out there:D

also these Korg Pandora things are great to practise cheapest way---> used on eBay biggrin.gif WOW A RHYME! biggrin.gif

- best recording amp for pre-productional and also live usage etc.: LINE 6 POD XT

i got this one instead of the live xt, that has the same chip inside. but i combine it with my behringer FC 1010. because it is the cheapest and best solution imo. if a guy spills his beer on my behringer i can easily buy a new one ...if i had the live xt it would cost quite a lot more money...

also i will use that one in the lesson from now on, due to the fact that my v-amp pro broke and so far i don´t regret to have changed back to line 6 again

- best amp ever: Kulik Design GP-1 rig not only because i endorse these, but that amp just is of the chain and out of this must try and feel it, by actually playing is just like no other wink.gif and also it is quite pricey biggrin.gif:D but hey... i really tell you its worth the money... if you really need such an amp

to get a lil overview of what i am talking you can easily click the link in my signature and read about that amp there

Perhaps this might help for now smile.gif

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