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Full Version: Neoclassical Etude #1
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Alisson da Silva
Original lesson: Neoclassical Etude #1 by Marcus Lavendell

Started playing guitar again and decided to take a shot a this lesson.

Kristofer Dahl

What a great energy - awesome to see you here again Alisson!

You are doing very well here capturing this spirit of this epic GMC lesson.

We can spot some slight hand sync glitches in the first descending type of pattern. In general my recommendation would be to see if you can minimise your right hand hand picking movement further. This will likely improve accuracy.

Also, I can spot some slight timing issues as you go between the different patterns/licks. In general it helps if your foot is keeping the pulse - especially when using economy picking รก la Yngwie/Lavendell. With economy picking the down-up flow is not consistent - so your right hand cannot help keeping the pulse at all.

Overall you are spot on with the feel here - and I found your take very enjoyable. You get a 9 from me!
Darius Wave
Hey there!

Welll it's been some time...right ?smile.gif

Cool lesson...and a demanding one. OVerall impression is positibe but you tense at position shifts and loose hand sync. It's most clear on the middle part cause intor and sweeped part went better in comparison. Right before sweeps there are also clear timing issues.

I can;t spot any mechanical reason for this. I think you made a rec while after you put things togeher and some more time of practise will give more more confidence. Anyway that's still piece of great work!
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Alisson!

Killer playing here! I've really enjoyed your take, great energy and attitude.

I also notice that there is some room to adjust your technique to make it smaller and more efficient. Maybe, you need to slow down a bit to get used to smaller movements, but then it will be reflected in your overall playing.

Other than that, this is great!


Todd Simpson
Very Well done!! You don't need my vote I just wanted to chime in and say how far you've come and how proud we all are!!! I wanted to ask what's that killer studio desk behind you??


QUOTE (Alisson da Silva @ Jun 1 2020, 05:39 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Original lesson: Neoclassical Etude #1 by Marcus Lavendell

Started playing guitar again and decided to take a shot a this lesson.

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