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Full Version: 5 Hybrid Picking Licks
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Original lesson: 5 Hybrid Picking Licks by Kristofer Dahl

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Sack! Great lesson choice!

These licks are on the right track, but you need to continue playing them. Let's analyze each one:

Lick 1:
This one is very close. You still need to get more used to play the same fret with your third finger (fourths) in order to make the timing is more precise. That's not an easy task but you'll feel more comfortable if you continue practicing it. Besides that, please re-check the original version and notice how Kris adds some palm muting to make it sound more like staccato(4th string), and how he manages dynamics. Both elements make the lick sound much groovier.

Lick 2:
Besides the things that I commented for lick 1, please work on that pull off at 00:13 to make it sound tighter. Be careful with your vibrato on 6th string. It sounds a bit our of pitch.

Lick 3:
This one sounds even closer! Work on groove. Muting a bit more the 4th string can give it a nice feel.

Lick 4:
The same than 3.

Lick 5:
This one sounds good, but again, muting a bit the 4th string can help to make it sound more rhythmical and with more dynamics. All the things that I commented for previous licks can be applied here.

Ok mate, I hope that my detailed feedback helps. This is not a bad take at all, you just need to work on details to master the licks. Keep on the hard work!
Todd Simpson
Well played!! No need for me to repeat what Gabe has said and he was very thorough. I did notice a bit of a pitch drift sharp around :37. Also I do agree with him on adding some palm muting to make the licks more dynamic. The more muting on each note, the more note separation one gets. It also makes a given lick more rythmic. That being said, your doing a very good job on these licks. Each one of them is a great bit to add to your bag of tricks to bring out during a guitar solo. They combine a wide variety of techniques in a small space and would sound great in just about any solo.

You are very close to playing these just about perfectly. Do put these in context, grab any backing from youtube that matches the key and try them during a solo. Licks don't live in a vacuum after all, but they are not music until they are played with some music smile.gif
Kristofer Dahl
What an honor mate 👊 Love those harmonics you added at 00:07 - which I had thought about it 😎

* Bear in mind that anytime I play two consecutive notes on the same pitch with the index finger- I actually lift the finger up in between the notes to create the staccato effect. I think this ads a very interesting flavour and I cannot quite hear it in your playing yet.

* the legato work needs to be more articulate. Practice slowly with the same type of technique/posture you would use when playing fast - and make sure you can clearly hear every note and execute them in a controlled/relaxed manner.

* the A note on the low e-string sounds out of pitch. I think you simply apply too much pressure when bending - that string is very easy to bend so be sure not to overdo it.

As usual I enjoy your playful/musical approach to learning - keep it up you get a 7 from me.
Darius Wave
Hey there!

#1 - I actually haven't found anything to complain at this one. Whne using same finger to fret separated notes on two different strings, then very often it has some risk of little clarity loss...but that kind of acceptable cost and even charm of these kind of lick licks. The vibrato at the end sounds funny...sorry but haven't found better word smile.gif

#2 - Remember that 6th string is probably the most loosen one. Be aware of using too much strength. You take the a note to upper pitch, which made it sound out of tune

#3 - I think the execution is fine. There is some "bite" missing but I leave it for the sake of overall stronger playing that will come withc time of practise in general

#4 - This one has a huge swing to it. Sounds like some notes have irregularities on purpose. Jus ta slice more attack.

#5 - As Gab pointed. There is some difference in your way of playing. Kris applies some palm muting to add percussive flavor and better separation between notes.

Still I had a very good impression on your attempt to this one. It was audible that it is not being played by a pro (mainly becasue of some general flow and little lack of condicence and attack) but at the same time it was smooth, clean, well pitched (besides one note) and pleasant. In other words nothing critical. Well done smile.gif
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