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Full Version: Take 2: Blues Licks
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Original lesson: Blues Licks by Gabriel Leopardi

Take 2 of this nice Blues lesson

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
Kristofer Dahl
Hey Claudio -

Awesome to see you are on it!

For many of the problematic places and I can see there has been an improvement. I can see a bit more security when you are executing the licks.

Overall - this take does however suffer the same problem as the previous - it sounds like you are rushing through at a tempo you are not yet comfortable with.

So basically my previous feedback is still valid:

"My advice is to either to start fresh with a new lesson with a lower pace/difficulty to make sure you have time to think about all the subtle details. Or - revert back to practicing this one at a slower tempo some more."


" I have strong feeling that you will quite quickly be able to collect some high grades with a change in practicing strategy"

You basically need to devote time to get every lick perfect to your ears.
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Claudio!

GREAT! There is still work to do but I notice improvements regarding the two elements (Timing & Bending) that I've marked in your previous take.

Both things are going in the right direction but you still need more time in order to polish these licks. The first licks were the most "timing" problematic. Now I can see that you start them at the right moment but then you lose timing.

Let's analyze each lick: (based on the lesson's parts)

Part 1: This phrase sound tight! Good job,, big improvement here.
Part 2: This lick doesn't sound tight. The first bend sound a bit late and then you rush the following notes, ending again with a note which sounds a bit after the beat.
Part 3: This one sound rushed too.
Part 4: The blue note is not sounding clear here. I pick all notes for this one.
Part 5: This one sounds tight! I would isolate it to get more used to those bends.
Part 6: This sound could sound clearer, but it's very close.
Part 7: The bend is improved here, well done!
Part 8: You play this one with a different rhythm but it sound ok!
Part 9: Good job with the double stops!

I hope that this detailed feedback guides you during your next practice sessions! Feel free to contact me if you need any more help.

Keep on the hard work!!

Darius Wave
Hey there!

So...this time rather the "ClaudioLesPaul" wink.gif ?

This take is clearly better than you first one. There is much more order in it and you made some timing fixes in some spots. There still some timing issues to go thourgh, but previous ones where too often just a different rhythm rather than a slilce too early or too late with the backing. It is a good idea to spend time fixing these issues since timing and rhythm are critical in every way of playing any instrument. When tehre are some faster runs you still let them be a little random so that's were some fixes are needed.

I think | would highly recommend what Kris adviced. Your actuall level is where you can play a lesson with all tiny details inside, not the one you are able to prepare just a draft. In many cases students think lesson is ready while what they play starts to remind how the original sounded. Actually when you're at this point, it's were the real work begins. I would go for some lower level lessons to see where is the point where you understand and can reproduce every single detail in lesson. Establishing that point would help tp start solid workouts with proper "tools' to actually help you get better.
Almost there, 4.7
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