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Hey mate,

here is the sweep etude backing
Click to view attachment

About the sweep picking excersice. i think i know what you mean. i recorded my hand i think the way you mean from different angles. What do you say? I didnt foxus on precision but on my hand placement.

I know what you mean with the triplets. I also notice that i have more diffcult with the second part so im gonna loop that with the guitar pro file.

Thanks for your feedback
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate,

Yes, the sweeping etude is based on triplets so my feedback was right. smile.gif

Your new video looks much better! I've recorded a quick vid with my cellphone to show you how I move my right hand when playing that arpeggio. Check it out: Click to view attachment
Super thanks now i see it.
At the beginning your hole arm is going down and you anchor the palm in the bridge. Then the last 3 string is more the circle thing because you palm stau rested on the bridge.
This really help me. Thanks
Gabriel Leopardi
QUOTE (tflava @ Jan 12 2021, 10:31 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Super thanks now i see it.
At the beginning your hole arm is going down and you anchor the palm in the bridge. Then the last 3 string is more the circle thing because you palm stau rested on the bridge.
This really help me. Thanks

GREAT!! smile.gif
Hey man.
Here a little update 😁

I just started with the fusion lesson from Diego and focussed on details. I learned 4 parts and now first want to master it before i go further.

Im also gonna split my schedule in 2 ways.
Schedule 1 is Technique and the gmc lesson.
Legato, SP, etc
Schedule 2 is improvisation.
Ear training, scales, 3 nps patterns.

I notice that if i start with the sweep picking or legato i go on and forget my improvisation. 🀣
So i think thiss will work.

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate! Thanks for the update!

The plan looks great. It's very complete, and you are covering everything you need to achieve your current goals.

Keep the hard work!
Hey mate.

I recorded some parts.
i recorded the legato. i notice that i have little motivation left for this lesson. So i think i will keep legato in my practice routine but practice some licks from a book what i have and practice every week 1 lick or 2 with a metronomen. Then i will try to incorporate the lick in my improvisations smile.gif

Im also working on another sweep picking etude with 3 string sweeps. I recorded the part at 75 procent of the speed. I try to change some excersises of it daily and it started to feel more comfortable. i notcied i have a lot of string noise but i lost my fret wrap and feel like i need it the most with the sweep picking excersises laugh.gif

And i started with the fusion grooves. here is a little preview of me playing it at 70 procent or something.

Thanks again mate.

greetz Tim
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate! Good stuff! It's great to see you working hard.

From what I can hear in your first two videos, I think that you are practicing these ones at an uncomfortable tempo. You need to slow them down, mostly the legato that still has issues in triplets, but also the sweep that is not sounding clean and tight. It's good to try a bit at uncomfortable tempos, but most of the time should be at you limit "tight" tempo.

However, if you are not enjoying these ones, you should continue playing them. There are lots of things to play on guitar, let's play those that we enjoy the more. If you don't want to lose the work that you've done with that legato lesson, maybe you can keep only the first two shapes for your diary practice (as exercises). Turn on a metronome and train a bit your legato. If not, improvising with some legato patterns is also good. Playing scale sequences over backing tracks really helped me to train my fingers. You can also incorporate any exercises (from figure 2 to 5) from this vid in your diary practice:

Finally, the Fusion Groove is definitely on the right track. I would keep the current tempo and try to make the riffs and grooves sound more consistent. Focus on the sound of each note, and dynamics.

Keep on the good job!!

Allright man thanks for the feedback. I notice by myself that im working too Long on 1 piece its difficult to keep motivated. Thats why i notice the shred bootcamp really works for me. It is practicing the hell out of 1 lick or pattern and then Move on to another lick. And because of that you see really the improvement and stay buissy every day but Dont get bored.

Maybe we can do the same with legato. I have a book from chris brooks where hΓ© got legato practicing with similair excersises like the vid of satriani and also working on scale patterns and inversion. Maybe i van choose 1 or 2 licks. Just focus on it for 1 or 2 weeks. Work with the metronome, and at the end of the week ill send you a vid of me playing the lick in different speed. What do you say?

I think this way of practicing works for me. Besides that i keep going wmfurther with the fusion groove and stay in this tempo. I really dig the lesson, 😁

Allright cant say thanks enough any time for the help πŸ‘Œ
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Tim! smile.gif

Yes, that sounds good for me. I think that you should use the same bootcamp concept to learn and practicing everything. The key to master a solo is to work on small parts as loops/exercises. You can do this with the whole lesson or only with the trickier parts.

This is a page about the Art of Practicing on my favorite technique book ever (Speed Mechanics by Troy Stetina).

Click to view attachment
Nice article man.
Before i learned a whole piece and then practice it but Since a couple of months i study different and notice more improvement.
However i really need to like something to continue with it. So i know that i need to improve my legato and the key is to repeat it. And to find excersises i like and think i can use.
But i found it 😁 today i started with my New practice routine of 1 day improvising and other day Technique.
Im working on 3 note per string patterns and also melodic minor. One of these days i try to record an improvisation 😁
Gabriel Leopardi
Yeah, that makes sense. I also lose interested if I don't enjoy what I'm learning. As Troy says in the article, each guitarist is different and needs to find his own path.

You plan sounds promising, keep me updated!!
Hey mate,

Here is a new improvisation.
Its in phrygian and its metal so way out of my comfortzone but i had to give it a try wink.gif

I also joined the gmc naming collab it was fun smile.gif
BTW very cool new lesson. Think i will try it in the future. Good for my picking and working on 1 string.
have a nice day mate.

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate! Great to see that you are moving out of your comfort zone! By now I think that you are using mostly the same rhythm when phrasing. What about getting more melodic here?

Some Phrygian Inspiration:

Great song mate.
I will definitely try to be more melodic and try to phrase more like arpeggiating melodic lines then walking up and down the scale.
I will record it when i think its more melodic 😁
Hey man.

I started to workout some more melodic ideas today. What do you think of it.
I want to polis some things and work it more out but i think its gonna be cool 😎
What do you think?

Gabriel Leopardi
Yes, this sounds more melodic and has more rhythm variation. The backing has some very defined rhythm patterns so it can be a bit more tricky to get out of it. But you are definitely on the right track now. smile.gif

Thanks. Ill polis my ideas a bit more. And also work on the legato lick i come up with in the solo 😁

My New routine works very well.
I spend more time also on the sweep picking. I think 20 to 30 minutes a day. I practice it slow all the time but tries to burst up the speed a bit and recorded something. To my ears and feeling i think it keeps Getying better and it also feeks better at higher speed.

Here are tje recordings

Greetz tim
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate! Great job with this Sweeping! I can hear that you are really improving here. The sound and movement is very smooth here. Just be sure that you can control timing and economize right hand movements.

Cool to know that the new routine is working fine, keep me updated!
HΓ© mate.

I just started a few months ago with trying to learn to mix.
Iv read a book from mike senior and its very good.
Im working on a reggae song which i want to put in Spotify eventually.
Can i send you the raw mix so you can hear the progress and maybe have some advice in the end?
The brass section aand drums are now played with midi but they gonna be played live.

If its ok i send you the file with we transfer.

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate!! That sounds great!! Sure, you can send it and I'll give you feedback here.
Allright thanks.
I, ve sended it 😁
In the future my goal is also to arrange some more music or maling songs.
Im now also working on a rock song for my other band.
Its just starring so just working out some ideas and maybe its gonna work out the way I want πŸ˜…πŸ‘

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate! I've now listening to the Reggae track.

Nice song! This sounds very good. I'll give you some general comments to help you to continue improving the mix, but have in mind that you should make subtle changes, not drastic ones. I think that this is on the right track but it still needs work regarding instrument's compression and EQ. Sometimes the bass is missed, or lacks some definition. And the guitars maybe are too open (pan). I feel that there is some work to do to make drums, bass and guitars go better together (maybe working on ambience?, EQ and Comp).

Maybe vocals are a bit loud (mostly in the chorus).

At this point, I would choose a reference track to polish these details. Do you have a reference track?

EDIT: Now I noticed that you said that you'll record live drums for this one. This will make a huge difference regarding the overall ambience and feel.
HΓ© mate.

Thanks for your advice.
I have not done anything with compression yet because i wait for the drums and then i want to start fresh.
I think then i will make a basic mix and also start with the compression. I will send you it then so you can follow the progress 😊
Is it also normal to group the drum, bass and guitar together to glue it with compression.

Thanks that your willing to help with this. Its just a new sort of thing in music where i have to begin from the beginning. But i think every one can learn things if your willing to put time and effort in 😁

Ill keep you updated
Hey mate.

I worked the phrygian improvisation out and recorded it with my audio interface smile.gif

I also recorded my legato licks that i practiced.
Curious what you think wink.gif

Greetz Tim
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Tim! Good stuff here.

Your Phrygian improvisation has improved a lot man! Great technique, tone and timing! If you decide to continue experimenting with this one I would try to relax a bit the repetitive connection with the rhythm and chord changes. I feel that the solo is moving exactly as the backing at every moment and it becomes rhythmically predictable. Does it make sense?

The backing's rhythm is very marked and that it can be tricky to get out of it... maybe it's impossible, but that's what I feel by now. Some things that I would try:

- Make that phrases start on one chord and continue to the other.
- Use longer notes.
- Avoid making the silences at the same time than the drums.
- Try other rhythms.

Please let me know if this makes sense to you.

Regarding the legato, your technique looks and sound good, but you are not going tight with the metronome. You should start slower, but maybe double the beat. This means that instead of playing over 80bpm, you would play over 160bpm so you can have more subdivisions. And as I think that you are a bit fast, you could start at 145 or 150 bpm. What do you think?
Hey mate,

It makes perfectly sense smile.gif
I think i will try the things you said. The backing is indeed diffcult but i will give it a try smile.gif

IAbout the legato. thats a good tip to play the metronome hogher and play 8th notes instead of 16th. i will focus on 2 new licks for one week or so and the move on.

I also recorded the fusion grooves.
It feels ok till 90 Bpm or so. I made a vide where i play at 80, 90 and 100 procent.
The normal speed is very fast but ill practice the fast part every day.

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate! Godo job with this funky lesson! I can see that you are getting more familiar with all those tricky grooves. I think that it's helpful to work at these different tempos, not only at 100 %, because it allows you to focus on different elements. You are on the right track, keep going!

Regarding the improvisation... yes, it's not an easy backing. Consider moving to another Phrygian backing that allows you experiment more with the rhythm.

And about legato, that sounds great!
Hey mate,

I've made some new record with the fusion grooves and it felt much better. I thought i wanted to put this one in the REC so posted it there smile.gif

I've also recorded a sweep picking excersise again. im continuing with another now. I notice that it also helps me in my regular playing with using small sweeps and economy picking so thats nice cool.gif

Ive also recorded some melodic minor improvisation. This is totally new for me so i try to get the sound of the scale in my ears and the patterns and intervals of the scale. So it isnt that much melodic but i tried to focus on playing around some ideas and some pattersn. Have a nice evening:)

Ps now the day after i watch again and i noticed that in Diego vid you Dont hear the scratches between the chords so much. Maybe i have to use less conmpresson. I also notice that he use smaller scratches between and have less hand movement and accent more the chords that are played.
Am i Wright with this? So yes i will try to focus on this movement this week πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ

Greetz Tim
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate! I've just commented at the REC program! Sorry if I'm being too strict or demanding with my feedback. My only goal is to help you get the most of my comments for your practice. Let me know if you have any question about it!

Regarding your vids here. I think that the Sweep Picking practice also needs to be slowed down. The sweeps are not sounding tight and clean. If you keep playing at this tempo you will get used to bad habits and the only thing that you'll get is to play faster and faster something that sounds unclean. For this reason I recommend you 3 things:

- Isolate your right hand movement (mute the strings with your left hand) and try to play it the faster that you can. Practice the movement as a loop.
- Take only one sweep and play it as a loop trying to replicate the mechanics that you use when playing only with one hand.
- Practice the whole thing at a more comfortable tempo so you can put both hands in sync and get a clean and tight sweep.

Finally, it's nice to hear you experimenting with Melodic Minor scale. I've enjoyed your jam. Keep on experimenting with it and check out some cool melodic minor solos at GMC to get inspiration! smile.gif
Hey mate.

Thanks for the feedback. Its not too strict. Sometimes i want to go too fast and need to relaxx more so it helps 😁
I have problems getting the tone of Diego also and it felt my tone is too harsh. I think i will try it with my amp next time. I will focus more on groove and details then and Dont go faster till 90 procent then. Once i get a solid 90 procent take i will try to go faster.

About the sweep. I practice it alle the time slower but because the backing track is this fast i have some weird thing in my head that says ill have to do it that speed till i Move on but i think ill have to let that thought go and focuss on staying clean and relaxx.

I think i will also start with your one string metal solo too focus next to rhythm also on lead. I really enjoy that solo 😎

At last i continue working with melodic minor to get the patterns and sound and repating the 3nps patterns.

I keep you updated and thanks for the patience. Feedback is hard to get sometimes but its the thing that we need to make us better πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
Gabriel Leopardi
Cool Tim!

Yes, it's good to practice at fast tempos for some minutes but it's important to put both hands on sync. We've been talking about this with Phil and Troy (Stetina) at GMC facebook group. Troy suggested that idea of isolating hands and working on each hand at fast tempo to practice and get used to the mechanics needed for fast tempos. I think that this is a very good tip.

Everything sounds good here! Keep on the good job!!
Allright mate.
If also learned 2 new lessons. Shuffle rock and rock ESSENTIALS 6. And im gonna learn one string metal. Then i have a list of lessons i can play trough every day to keep things interested and get the groove inside because of practicing more weeks.

Here is a vid of 70 bpm of shuffle rock
Gabriel Leopardi
Great!! Nice to see you playing it at a slow tempo! wink.gif

I recommend you to continue practicing at this tempo and focus on:

- Polish the intro fast passage. There are some hand sync issues here.
- Adjust timing. There are some moments where you rush the tempo. Sometimes it's more difficult to play tight at slow tempos than faster one, but working on it is a great workout.
- Work on groove. Try to move your head and body while playing. Relax your right hand and let it go more with the groove. This will also help with dynamics.

Are you also going to work on One string metal solo?? Awesome!! smile.gif

Hey mate,

I recorded 2 legato licks in different tempo's. i played them like you said in eight notes.

Im currently working on 4 lessons and learn one more so ic an repeat that every day as a routine and to get the groove going.
With the funk fusion grooves i think i learned the second part better now with the rhythms.
I think next week i will record again so you can (hopefully wink.gif) see progress.

Have a nice evening wink.gif

greetz Tim


hey mate i'm learning your metal solo at the moment and in part 2 is divided in 2 parts. the legato part and the triplet feel. If i look at your tab the triplet feel is played without hammer-ons but if i look at you're hand in slow motion it looks like you are doing pull ofs in triplets. Is this right or did i see it wrong?
here is a vid of how i think i have to play it and you play it:)

Thanks smile.gif

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Tim! Great stuff!

The legato exercises are very cool. You need to minimize your left hand movements, try to keep the fingers closer to the fretboard. This problem appears at 120, but it's not an issue, you can play at this tempo with that extra movement, however, you have issues with speed and cleanness at faster tempos, and this is the main reason (Besides that you need more time of practice). Pay attention to this, and off course to timing. The sound of your legato is good at slower tempos.

Nice to see you learning the one string solo! biggrin.gif You are right about part 2, I'll fix the tabs there. Your playing is on the right track here. There are just a few parts that need special attention:

- Your timing at 00:14 (those 16th legatos)
- Timing at 00:24
- The last AP passage.

Keep on the good job!
Allright mate thanks. Im going to start with 2 new legato licks for the up coming 1 or 2 weeks. I will focus specifically on keeping my fingers close to the strings and fretboard. Once it feeks good ik going to increase speed gradually then.

I keep playing the other lessons. My waza tube expander is coming today and cant wait to test it and record with it. Hope that i van record a lesson this week to know how it sounds in a mix πŸ‘Œ
Thanks for your help mate
Gabriel Leopardi
Perfect! Nice to know about the Waza! Then tell me what you think of it! wink.gif
Hey mate.

I had a day off from work today and played whole day long with my waza tube ampa expander and also recorded a lot.
i'll have to say im very excited about it and it feels fantastic. the attenuation side is really good but also the recorindg stuff feels so much better. Im also record know useing the sound of my speakers mixed with the sound of my tube amp.
I also feel like maybe some recs are ok for the REC zone, just let me know wink.gif
The funk fusion grooves i want to put in the REC because the other guys can see that i work hard on it. And it also felt a lot better especially the second part. I practiced hard last 2 weeks on it.
Her they come smile.gif

The dire straits inspired lesson. i recorded it using the IR loader of the Waza and uses a celestion G12 x35 212 closed cab.

Here is the shuffle rock track from Guido. On the sigle note part in the middel there are some high frequencies that make noise but i dont figured out how to cut it with the EQ.

Here is the rock essentials. I played it with my revivaldrive and used an celestion G12 greenback IR 412 cabinet but i think it was better to use a 212 or something.

I know its a lot but i was really enjoying playing and recording the whole day cool.gif

thanks mate.

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Tim!! Great stuff here!!

Did you mean that you are adding some camera audio into the video mix? From my point of view this vids sound great. Your tone sounds very good. I would continue tweaking EQ but the quality is great!

That Dire Straits lesson sounds very cool. I've really enjoyed your tone and playing there. And you already know that I love that guitar! The beginning chords need some groove and articulation adjustment, and then, the whole lesson has room to work on timing and dynamics. Piotr's tone is a bit warmer, maybe you can adjust a bit your EQ but also try to get the tone from your picking. (where you pick, how, how much strength, etc.)

This new Shuffle Rock take sounds better than the previous take that you did. I think that your timing is better, and that the riffs are now sounding more natural and groovier. I hear those noises, (Are you talking about the high notes at 00:41?). I think that this should be fixed with muting, not EQ.

The rock essentials is also on the right track. This one sounds a bit "hurried" at least in this take. There are also some small sections, like the one at 00:18 that can sound cleaner (more defined). Your tone is on the same vein than the original lesson but I feel that it's the poorest of these three videos. I would continue polishing it.

Regarding REC, you can always share takes there, even if they are on progress. That's the best way to receive feedback from different instructors and get different points of view.
Hey mate.

No sorry. I mean that in the roon where i play i hear my amp sound but also out of my speaker. Ill have the tube expander with line out to my interface and to my studio monitors. So while i play and revord ill hear my straight amp tone from my speakers but also the amp sound over my studio monitors soo thats really great 😁

Thanks. Yes ill love the guutar. I will focus on the beginning chords and try to get a fuller tone from my finger also. I will experiment with the articulation 👌

And yes i mean the high notes. It sounds like there is some feedback in between when im not playing from my pickups. However of i keep my palm planted i don't think youll hear it but not all the notes are muted so maybe i can try to use less gain or put my volume a little back. I will put this one on the Rec also then 😊

Allright ill continue polishing the rock track and also look for better tone on that track.

Ill keep playing al the lessons its nice for daily routine also besides all the other stuff.
Im really enjoying your metal solo but have to practice more to record it 😁
One of these days i will start with the santana solo smooth also for the routine.

Im done for today ν ½νΉ‚ν ½νΈŽ. Thanks for all manm really apreciate it


Hey mate.

Ill have a honest question to you. Do you think i practice too much above my ability? Because i think om trying not to. I really love the lessons of Diego and know ill never get the Technique he have but i just need to try some lessons of him sometimes.
Of all the lessons im learning now this one feel like its the most above my ability. The Guido lesson i think only the start is diffcult but i came with the lesson on listening it trough my Phone. Later on i Saw it was level 7 because i didnt thought that before. Your metal solo is diffcult but i think i can handle it.
Ill also try to work on the feedback you all give to me. Ill focus 20 minutes on picking of the bootcamp every day for 4 months already. Ill focus on SP and also in legato and improvising etc.
Sometimes i doubt if i learn the good way. I think i am and i know sometimes i have to slow myself down because i want to learn everything ν Ύν΄£

But i think im in the right track but om curious about what you think. If you also think i choose lessons that are too demanding ill stop with it then and try more easy lessons. However sometimes i need to try something i really want just to give it a try.

However im willing to change things if that is what i need.

Greetz man 😁
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Tim!

I don't think that there is a problem if you decide going for difficult lessons. If this makes you keep on practicing and pushing your playing, that's a good thing. However, there are some important things and ideas that come to mind:

- The most important thing is something that I've already told you. You need to avoid practicing too much at fast tempos if you are not being able to control and polish your technique. The idea is that you practice at a comfortable tempo with both hands, and if possible at a higher (push limit) tempo isolating each hand.

- Secondly, I think that you could add some easier workouts or lessons based on the one that you are trying to master in order to have complementary exercises and find some kind of more gradual path. For example, if you want to master that Diego's Funk lesson, what about looking for other easier Diego's funk lessons that build like a path. If you don't find them, you can go for other instructors. (Stephane has good funk workouts).

- Finally, lesson levels are very subjetive because it always depends on which are our strength and weak points. Maybe we can play a level 8 alternate picking lesson or metal lesson, but we can't master a level 5 funk lesson. So take lesson level just as an extra info about them.

I think that you are practicing in the right way. Sometimes you rush a bit (work on too fast tempos) but recently you've fixed this. I'm also noticing that your playing is evolving really well, and that you are very motivated, which is the most important thing.
Allright mate thanks.
Sometimes it van be overwhelming what is the right way.
I try really to focus too not play to fast lately and only sometimes pushing it πŸ˜ƒ

I will also look for a complementair funk lesson then which is some easier but i think i can play the Diego funk also better if i keep practicing it for some weeks πŸ‘

BTW really cool licks you play in the new lesson. Awesome i really love that style. What is it, fusion rock or something?

Gabriel Leopardi
Great!! We can always review and adjust your guitar plan so please always share your thoughts and experience with your daily practice.

Nice to know that you liked my new lesson! The style is some kind of instrumental modern rock/metal. Kiko is a very versatile guitarist, but in this new album he explored the most modern side of instrumental rock/metal. He obviously has influences by guys like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci, but he also incorporated sounds by more modern artists like Plini and Periphery. If you enjoy that song, you'll enjoy his recent album and also some of these:

Nick Johnston - Remarkably Human & Atomic Mind.
Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes
Plini - Impulse Voices

And maybe Polyphia, Owane, and Jack Gardiner.
Hey mate,

very nice. I listened to Plini and its a nice sound. i like the music where people play very tastefull melodic lines in combinations with some shredding sometimes.
I already knew the album erotic cakes of guthrie Govan and i love it. Only sometimes he is shredding a bit to much to my taste but it depends on the song smile.gif
Wil definitely listen tot hte other players you mentioned.

Today i recorded a Blues improv. I comped the backing with a trick i learned from another course ill have. I play the V minor before the chord it supposed to.

These days i will also go further with a latin improv. Ill have to say that i had lack of inspiration this day but ill had to try it anyway wink.gif
Greetz Tim
Gabriel Leopardi
Cool! I think that you'll love Nick Johnston. Check it out!!

That's a nice blues improv and like your phrasing, rhythm and how you move all along the fretboard. I notice that you are using G blues scale. Have you ever experimented with other concepts in order to follow the chords?
Thanks. I will listen and let you know!

At first i wanted to improvise using arpeghios of the minor chords and the major and maybe use extension like the 9th and 13. But because the chords moves fast i only used the blues scale and sometimes used a note from the compositie scale. On my next blues improvisation i will try to follow the chords more. And maybe use the mixolydian mode changing each chord.

Which concepts did you mean? Then i will try that also next time with my blues improv.

I will focus on a latin 2-5 groove for next time and focus on comping and soloing. Then after that one im gonna dive in the complex harmony with altered V and secondary dominant so i can try to incorporate the melodic minor and altered scale. Cant wait for that 😁 but one thing at a time.

I also recorded the drums for my reggae song so will mix that also these days. We only not had overhead mics so maybe i use an sample for the crash. I will send it to you when its ready.

Have a nice day mate
Gabriel Leopardi
QUOTE (tflava @ Feb 23 2021, 03:10 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Thanks. I will listen and let you know!

At first i wanted to improvise using arpeghios of the minor chords and the major and maybe use extension like the 9th and 13. But because the chords moves fast i only used the blues scale and sometimes used a note from the compositie scale. On my next blues improvisation i will try to follow the chords more. And maybe use the mixolydian mode changing each chord.

Which concepts did you mean? Then i will try that also next time with my blues improv.

From what I can hear, this is a dominant blues. The first ideas that come to mind are:

- Combining major and minor pentatonics.
- Following the chords with dominant arpeggios.
- Following the chords with Mixolydian modes.

I would consider these ideas like 3 levels. The first one, using only pentatonic, is cool to start. You can try playing G major pentatonic over I, and G blues scale over the other two chords.

The second level, playing arpeggios, is cool to get used to the chord tones, so then you can target them easy while using the previous idea. (pentatonics)

Allright man. Sounds like a real cool plan.
I will focus on this next to the latin improv for the upcoming weeks then πŸ™‚ let you know the progress and thanks for thinking with me
Gabriel Leopardi
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