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Full Version: Earthquake
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Happen very close to where I live (Izmir). The area I live is fine, it was scary but I checked and no visible damage on mine or neighbors homes.

Unfortunately the Center area is affected very bad, few buildings collapsed and we are starting to get reports of death and wounded. My aunts car stopped working in the middle of traffic, another relatives piano tipped over. There are video's of the exact location where mini tsunami happened;

The smoke seen here are from the collapsed buildings;

Wow, that was fairly big. Glad you're OK. Be careful when you go out.
Stay safe buddy, f that looks bad
Kristofer Dahl
Scary! Stay safe Mertay 👊
Thanks everyone!

There a lot wounded (few people also I know and spoke today) but the death count for such magnitude by some miracle is very low.
Todd Simpson
I saw this on the news. I'm sorry to see such destruction. Glad it didn't hit your home.

QUOTE (Todd Simpson @ Oct 30 2020, 10:43 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I saw this on the news. I'm sorry to see such destruction. Glad it didn't hit your home.

Thanks, it still feels unreal only 15 min. drive distance is affected so bad and I'm watching everything from news. I got bad news today my cousin's friend has died under rubble and his family is still waiting to be rescued sad.gif

But as I speak with friends pretty much all of their homes suffered some sort of damage big or small. Many spent the night outside until their building will be inspected (might take more than a week). People are either going to their relatives or summer house for the time being.
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