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Full Version: String Skipping Etude
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Original lesson: String Skipping Etude by Piotr Kaczor

Hi GMC and GMCer I have been working on this lesson for 2 months The speed is very high, I didn’t think I’d be able to get it, I showed Gab and Todd my progress, Desynchronization is the defect they found I realize it’s not exceptional for you instructors, but it’s a big step for me. I had a lot of fun the first few weeks... Today it is a real torture for me, I want to take a break that is why I present it to you now.

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi MisterM!

I'm following your progress at the mentoring program and you already know my thoughts about this take, and also about your overall progress. Your hard work and discipline are very inspiring! No matter how much time it takes, you work hard until you master the lessons.

This one is obviously very close. The main thing to adjust here, is as you already know, hands sync. I would dedicate some time to practice at slower tempo, and increase it gradually focusing on keeping both hands in sync. You don't need to decrease tempo too much because you are very close. Besides this, you can also try some minutes practicing 5 or 10 bpm faster, to then get back to normal tempo and see what happens (this is a cool trick for our mind).

Experiment with these ideas during this week and please keep me updated!

Kristofer Dahl
Hey MisterM,

Well done choosing a lesson that focuses on a specific technique that you have not yet mastered - this is a super effective way to progress!

In this take you don't convey the same level of musicality we usually get from you, which is expected because of the narrow and tricky focus.

My main concern here is that you shouldn't really be playing this one at this tempo. You are not ready for it yet, and you run a risk of consolidating bad habits.

Namely I can hear your tempo fluctuating and you loose hand sync after every string skip. When you are practicing technique, by definition you don't want to use bad technique. So be sure to play this only at a tempo where everything sounds perfect (so that it will match your level of playing!).

When practicing this slowly, I would recommend you watch closely how Piotr relies on his thumb joint for alternate picking (we have commented on this before). You still mostly use the wrist motion which is not nearly as agile - and this gives you a disadvantage. To clarify: the wrist movement is also super useful - but for these specific patterns you need more freedom of movement/agility.

Keep it up you get a 6 from me!
Darius Wave
Hey there!

I know you're a hardworker and you have enough internal strength to constantly develope your playing. I know we have been talking about this before but I feel like I need to bring this topic back. I highly believe that the right hand mechanics you are used to, are not best for advanced alternate picking. I know it has worked for many jazz players at work for alternate pickign to some point but it is not the most efficient way.

Your right hand seems to work too much "from the air" with angle that partially limits the wrist rotation genrally use no help from very little fingers motion. I mean not necessary the circle picking but some pick angle changes or very litte pushin/pulling moves that shorten the distance between strings...especially while string skipping.

I know that changing these habbits is a nightmare at the point you are now, but you need to be concious that it may be the general cause of your struggle to cross some point with your alternate picking skills. Redoing it will take a huge step back before going to the point where you are now and only then you could improve. I've been there. I know what I saying from my own experience.

Pass: 7
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