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Full Version: Harmonized Rock Ballad Licks
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Original lesson: Harmonized Rock Ballad Licks by Guido Bungenstock

Hi GMC I took your advice into consideration. Despite appearances, since 6 months I try to improve my thumb technique on alternate picking Sometimes I feel an improvement and sometimes I feel that all my efforts are in vain. In comparison: The vibrato technique took me several years before being correct, I had to think about it constantly but in the end, he was always too nervous until the day he calmed down. I hope that the alternate picking will end up relaxing and that my thumb will take over on my wrist. Above all that, this lesson is very difficult about timing speed licks, the level is undervalued.  Also, my stratocaster only has 21 fret, I transposed licks 4b to the octave The guitar attitude does not correspond to what you expect but I gave the best of my self

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi MisterM!

I'm following your progress at the mentoring program so you already know my thoughts about your take on this lesson. I think that you already commented the things that need attention here, but I also think that your vibrato is getting much better. There is off course more room to make it sound consistent, and to feel more comfortable with it, but you are on the right track.

We've also talked about your alternate picking technique, and I know that you are already working hard at Todd's bootcamp to improve this technique as well.

I've seen your evolving a lot as a guitarists during all this time at GMC. You are a hard worker mate, congrats!

Keep on the good job. smile.gif
Kristofer Dahl
Nice MisterM!

Killer vibes here and indeed we can tell your vibrato is evolving to the better 👌

There are some audible missed notes here - but overall this is very musical.

I had a thought about your picking technique which we have spoken quite a bit about here. It struck me that maybe it would be easier for you to get your thumb joint movement if you try a different pick grip, like this?:
Click to view attachment

This should give your thumb a bit more freedom to move around which is exactly what we are looking for.

Keep it up - you get a 7 from me!
Todd Simpson
Very enjoyable take. It's the kind of song that has technical bits but is more about feeling and performance. The main thing for me is that you play it with passion. Also, I liked the picture in picture and both in perfect synch. A very cool video. There are some fast passages that could use a brush up but on the whole I think you have this piece well in hand. I'm liking your vibrato and I can tell you are trying to modify your picking technique a bit which is impressive given that you have physical limitations you are working with. I think you did a fine job here Solid 8 from me!

Darius Wave
Hey there!

You have worked out so many things already that I have no doubts you will go through this as well.

There is no way to tell how much it will take you. Everyone of us makes experiments to see what works best for our hands. Unfortunately redoing thing in a totally different way, takes even more time than just learning from the scratch. But...there is no better way. I'm glad to hear you take the challenge. I'm crossing my fingers for you to success.

As for this take main issue are these faster runs and notes that are slightly off in precision. Sometimes there is also too much of pick scratching instead of note itself. I would try Chris advice but give it some more time. Releasing middle, ring and pinky can help to rotate the hand a little downwards (so the side of palm rests on the saddles. It gives solid restring point and this rotation make more "circle picking friendly" hand shape
Pass: 7.25
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