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Full Version: Pantera Style Riffs
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Original lesson: Pantera Style Riffs by Diego Budicin

Hats of to Diego for yet another awesome lesson! I struggled a bit with the fast triplets in the end and having both groove and accuracy in the first riff after the intro, but I think I am on to something here. Still moving my right hand quite a lot (which has been marked during earlier feedback), but in this particular style, I think it is kinda fitting to get the articulation.

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate!!

Tight playing here!! I can notice that you've been working hard on your right hand technique. Your timing is precise, and most of the parts sound good here.

The only section that needs work is as you said the triplets part. This section is the faster one, and the main issue is the sound of you palm muted notes. It seems that your and note picking strong enough or that the pick angle that you are using is making the single note triplet sound dirty and imprecise.

I would isolate this rhythm and practice is as an exercise for some days before recording another REC take.

By the way, this is very close. Keep on rocking.
Kristofer Dahl
WOW such nice right hand work!

Even though you look totally relaxed you seem to have a killer attack going. This, in combination with your tone, seems to emit audio sparkles 😁👌

I am really digging the vibes here -

To take this to a pro level you need to get tighter. To me there are only a few audible timing issues - however the whole piece feels a tad shaky. In fast metal rhythm that is not allowed - since every drum hit will remind us where the beat should be. There is no such thing as playing around the beat, you have to be totally locked in with the drums.

Keep up the amazing work, you get a 7 from me!
Todd Simpson
NICE!!! First off, I LOVE your control over the Pinch Harmonics. You have a great palm mute going on here and your nailing each one of the pinch harmonics. This is NOT an easy thing to do and many players struggle with it in perpetuity. Some never get it at all. Also, you are doing a great job of hitting the pinch and transitioning in to a bend. You gotta stick the landing when playing material like this and you nail it. Very nice pick articulation, hand synch, palm mute, etc.

The only niggle is the Triplet as others have noticed. You are using too much hand wag. I mean, your hand is going to far away from the string during triplet picking. For this type of picking, you want to reduce how far the pick drifts from the string after each strike so that recovery time is kept at a minimum. DIME was a KING at this technique. It was a precursor to bands like MESHUGGAH.

Watch my right hand in this vid. Notice how little pick wag is going on. It's the key to tight triplets.

Dime would be proud. Solid 8 from me!!!

Darius Wave
Hey there!

Welll...I have to admit it is hard to complain on anything here. You are focused and you play like you mean it. Your tone is not as scooped as Diego's (aproriate to old Dime's tone) but still proper for lesson type. I think you should give it a go and record double tracking. It's a best way to compare how precise you are - the target is to record the same part 2 times and pan it left and right. Most of niuances will come out but first of all - it's a great fun smile.gif

At the intro riff some of the pinch harmonics are not clear enough but Dime used to use varitey of pinch "colors"...some of them soundedm like a"half pinch half regular note". I think I can pass this wink.gif

Around 0:43 you have problems with precission of power chords.

At 0:29 I guess there were some strings cutting through besides the ones you play. Similar issue at 1:00

These are very tiny details. It's piece of really solid playing. I guess one of your best takes in ReC. Keep up the great work smile.gif
Pass: 8
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