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Full Version: Take 2: Hand Synch
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Victor Simion
Original lesson: Hand Synch by Ben Higgins


Working on Hand Synch, alternate picking, timing.
I hope this new take shows some good progress.
I think around second 25 I lost a little bit of hand synch, and regarding the timing I think that sometimes I am playing a little bit in front of the beat(too early)

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Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
Kristofer Dahl
blink.gif This sure is on a whole different level than your previous take - your progress is mind blowing!!

This take shows you have been serious with your practicing and you have done it in a smart way. Also you finish it of the with that in-control vibrato which is the icing on the cake.

Praise aside - here is what needs more work:

You do not seem to use the right hand thumb joint movement much when picking, instead you rely on arm and wrist movement. You should def work on this as it will boost your picking chops to a new level.

The very first run still feels a little bit fast for you. You do play it pretty well, but you do not display confidence. Also your right hand/arm feels pretty tense. At these tempos you should strive to be totally relaxed, and if its not possible it probably means you have been pushing speed a little too quickly.

Well done you get an 8 from me!
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Victor!!

Your progress is killer mate! I've compared this one with the previous take and all the elements that I've commented there are a lot better here. (even the lightening of your video!).

This means that your practice method is very working my friend. I still notice timing issues and some small hands sync issues that need attention.

The faster patterns (like the first one) are off course the trickier ones. I would isolate them and work over metronome to master both timing and sync since that's where the main issues are. Sometimes, the slow licks also present timing issues in some small sections (for example at 00:20) but this could be fixed focusing on it when playing the whole thing.

Again mate, your evolution is very impressive, congratulations!!
Todd Simpson
HUGE improvement!!! I've noticed you have been making great gains in bootcamp as well! It's all starting to come together! Super congrats on this one. The hand synch is much better and your overall technique is much improved as well. You have very clean strikes and you keep a solid palm mute. Your timing is good as well. This is a great example of playing a lot of notes that still sound musical. Borrow from this lesson for your next guitar solo!!! You clearly have put in the time to get your technique to this level and I"m super stoked to see it happening. As was mentioned, you might be able to use a bit more thumb/finger articulation on your picking hand, which will reduce the load on your wrist. It's something that takes time to adjust to, but it's worth working on!

You've got this one well in hand!!! Solid 8 from me!

Darius Wave
Hey there!

Let's try to break this one into pieces

Very first triplet run - you have problems playing triplets. Try to focus only on every first of three notes, becasue only this one will be in perfect sync with the backing track. That's how triplets work. Try to accent these spots so you will create a clear signal for your mind to focus on this point to be perfectly on the beat of bass drum, snare or hi-hat. Remember that every second eccent will have different picking direction - this is additional difficulty. At this point runs goes out of timing because you probably just try to play it spontaniously, hpong it will somehow start and end at the points it does in original lesson video.

0:09 - whe there is a square rhythm, such as 4th, 8th or 16th notes, you seem to have less problems but still the timing isn't that perfect. Become a player and a listener at the same time. Try to imagine some of your pick stroke launch the drum samples. If you don't feel it sounded you you played tghe note and drum simultaneously, then it is highly possible it was not perfect in time.

0:22 - these triplet are slower than the ones from beginning and it looks like you are able to control them better. There some other problem with a few notes but it's so clear, you are aware of it...i'm sure.

As overall you hand looks tensed. I believe it would be great to apply some relax to the palm and apply a little more motion from the wrist. When you look at Ben's take, his hand looks very comfortable.

Pass: 8
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