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Hi all, I wanted to introduce myself as I'll hopefully be on here for a longer duration and participate regularly!

My (artist  laugh.gif ) name is Revan and I've been ''playing'' guitar for 15 years. I put playing in '' '' because I've only really been practicing for about 2 years - and even this with months off. I define practice as focused repetition (of material created to evolve areas of guitar playing), mindful of errors, progress, etc. I've spent the better part of the first 13 years simply noodling & doodling, trying to emulate my guitar heroes such as Blackmore, Roth, Schenker, Beck, Trower, Stefanovski, West, Gibbons, Bolin, Malmsteen, May, etc. It took me a long time to even think about looking for online guitar lessons and every magazine, book, etc., I had bought was used for a bit and then collected dust. I lacked focus, motivation and guidance. I learned a few riffs and solos and licks but no full songs. I just wanted to improvise and wail. This held me back a bit as did my too big of an obsession with Ritchie Blackmore laugh.gif 

Then two years ago I had a bit of a mental breakthrough, with the birth of my son and a small ''middle age crisis'' haha, and realizing that I want to actually make an effort to turn my passion into a full time job. One of my passions would definitely be to teach and/or coach, young students or anyone willing to learn guitar (already have experience in coaching and teaching in sports).
For a long time I thought I ''wasted'' my time not putting in focused practice but in truth I also learned a lot in that time, learned from my mistakes etc., and am passionate about sharing knowledge. But that's for the near future. First I need to brush up my chops and catch up in areas of guitar playing I've neglected in the past. So far I'm making baby steps to my goals and joining this site is one of them.

I was drawn to GMC by the fact that you guys have way more lessons in neoclassical (though I also love blues) than any other site I've tried and also a lot of really cool stuff from players that come from Balkan countries for examples. Another thing is I really enjoy learning short etudes and performances as opposed to learning songs and GMC seems to work on this method. I also appreciate Guitar Pro tabs and backing tracks in many tempos.
And finally the REC feature. This and the positive atmosphere from the responses of instructors made me jump in. I was convinced to give it a go after watching the introduction video from Kris. In the last 3 days since I joined I focused on one thing only and today I recorded a performance to upload and share. I hope I can keep up the momentum and keep learning and sharing stuff and one day even make my own lesson!

Gabriel Leopardi
Hi Rev!! Welcome to GMC!! That's a very nice introduction. Now I feel that I know you mate. smile.gif

I've just noticed that you already shared a take at REC, that's great!! I'll go directly there to comment your playing.

Feel free to write me if you need any help with your practice or the site.

Welcome! I hope you will enjoy it here at GMC!
Welcome to the GMC family Rev, enjoy your journey here with us cool.gif
Kristofer Dahl
Hi Rev, "middle age crisis'' sure can be a saviour 😅

Great description of GMC strengths there - and I agree I think you will be able to make huge progress using the REC board. Your first take is very promising.

Welcome to GMC 👊
Todd Simpson
WELCOME TO GMC!!! smile.gif I'm Todd Simpson and I run the SHRED BOOTCAMP here at GMC. if you want to give it a whirl, send me a personal message here on GMC. I had a look at your REC and you are clearly ready for the challenge. It's great to have you here!!!

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