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Full Version: Jumping Around - Beginner
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Original lesson: Jumping Around - Beginner by Muris Varajic

Thank You~

Kristofer Dahl
Hi Cow2boy1,

It's amazing to see a REC take from and even more amazing to see you 'hit the stage' (for the first time? 😎)

I think your playing here is very promising. There are some hits and misses here and there - but since I suspect you are new to the guitar I will focus on the absolute most important things for you to consider when starting out.

* work on relaxing your arms & hands. You have a golden opportunity to not get bad habits as you are starting out. If you can get this down, you will acquire a good technique much faster than the average beginner. Hand sync, speed, muting technique etc - all this will be much easier.

* Try to learn to constantly tap your foot to the pulse of the music. By doing this will develop at tool that will serve you for your life no matter where you choose to take your music and playing. And learning the most important thing in music will be much easier for you: timing. Timing is something I still struggle with on a daily basis, and I wish I had done a better job at this when starting out.

I would say that if you keep doing what you did to learn this lesson, and consider these two things you are in for a ride.

Congratulations - can't wait to see what more you produce for us! 😍
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate!

Welcome to the forum and REC program!!

I have to say that this is very promising! During the next days, you should focus on improving these things:

1- Check out the original lesson and notice how the instructor uses the other fingers to help the one that is pressing the fretboard. This is essential to have more strength to play vibrato and it's also a very important tool to mute the strings that you are not playing.

2- Once you fix step 1, you can now focus on vibrato. Try to emulate the instructor's vibrato technique and be sure to start the movement from your left hand wrist (try to avoid making the movement from your finger). We have many cool vibrato lessons here, check them out to know more about this technique.

3- Timing/Rhythm: (over the backing) You are playing the phrases with good timing but not the same rhythm than the lesson. I recommend you to practice the lesson over the original take for some time until you get used to the right rhythm. Start with small sections.

Ok mate, I hope that this feedback helps! feel free to contact me if you have any question!

Keep on the good job!
Darius Wave
Hey there and congrats on your first attempt to rec.

I see you're at the stage of first steps so let me focus on one ciritical thing that will seem so simple, yet somehow not noticable but beginner players.

Use all your fingers to press the string.If you hold left index finger and need to press the same string with middle finger - keep index on it's place. If you then need to add ring finger...hold index and middle where they were. this way you use more than one finger to press the string. Of course only the last one will give a note but all other will help pressing and it will become easier. It also makes sense to keep a finger in it's place (position) for easier shifts (it's already near place you will need to use it - for example on different string, at the same fret - most of licks are consttructed the way it works). When you need to go bakc ,the finger is already there.

Even more critical for bends and vibrato. In both cases you need better control over string tension (bend/release) so doing it with multiple fingers makes strength to split and demands less effort from left hand. We all do this.

When you have some spare time, plase carefulyl go through these 2 vids:

First one is short, second is extended and contains more detailed info. I think it would solve many problems and clarify many doubts you may have at this point.

Pass: 6
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