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Full Version: Nft (non Fungible Tokens) To Revolutionize Music Biz
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Todd Simpson
Remember the article I put up the other day about the NFT (non fungible token) and how it wa used to buy a jpg for tens of millions of dollars. It's so much more than that. NFT are going to entirely revolutionize the Music Business. Yup, I said it. ohmy.gif) Basically any artist with any kind of serious gravity/traction, can create an NFT and bam it instantly has value. They can the sell this NFT to a an. Fans can, of courses, bit on them. There is no ceiling in terms of price. If a popular artist creates an NFT of a song they are working on, and promises that whoever buys it will be featured on the track when it is released to the public, for example, that NFT has a LOT of value for fans. This is just one example. The NFT is going to have a huge impact on the music industry. This video breaks it down.

Someone paid $6,000 for this little bit of music as an NFT (a sample pack that he tweeted about)
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Lets hope this will be helpful for the musicans, and also not become a bubble.
Todd Simpson
Probably a bit of both smile.gif The only musicians that seems to have the gravity to make it work are the same ones forcing it up to "bubble" status. Meanwhile, smaller acts/names, can't generate enough heat to make an NFT viable. Best of all, it's so new there are no firm laws on the issue.

QUOTE (Mertay @ Apr 12 2021, 03:31 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Lets hope this will be helpful for the musicans, and also not become a bubble.

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