M-Audio has released a new interface that is $39. It's the least expensive interface I've yet seen. It has all the basics that one would need to start recording. You can use it with just about any host including a tablet. It's reduced the cost of entry for recording to a very easy to get level. At this price, just about anyone can add a recording interface to their existing computer, no matter what it is, and start recording. As I've said there has never been a better time to be a musician as it's so cheap to get started. Getting your music heard is another matter of course. smile.gif

It even includes the ELEVEN LITE guitar plugin. It's a software version of the 11 RACK. So for under fifty bucks, you can have an interface and a very good guitar sim. It also comes with a free version of pro tools or you can Add reaper to it and bam, you've got a full rig. You don't need an external guitar amp, or any other gear other than a guitar.


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