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Full Version: Ben's Land Of Legato
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Original lesson: Ben's Land Of Legato by Ben Higgins

Legato is my weakest point on guitar, been trying to polish it up.

Not sure if audio/video is 100% in synch, still trying to figure it out.

Kristofer Dahl
Awesome to see a new REC take from you mate,

I can see you are serious about this - well done!

Two things stick out to me:

* Positions shifts are not quite on time

* Your left hand looks a bit tense

Both of these things tell me you are pushing speed too much/ too fast. The first step here would be to make sure you are playing this totally relaxed. Legato is indeed about being relaxed - because with a tensed hand you will run out of steam quickly.

Once you have got this down, set the metronome to a tempo where your brain has time to focus on the position shifts. In this take it feels like you start preparing for them mentally too late.

All in all this is promising - and I think it's mostly a matter of slight adjustments to get this down.

Keep it up mate, you get a 6 from me!
Gabriel Leopardi
Todd Simpson
Super congrats on learning this entire thing and playing all the way through. Also, well done on using the pinky!! This is a LOT of legato to get through in one piece. That's part of why it's a bit tricky to play smile.gif Not to mention that your hand will wear out of you put too much tension on it. Your hand is a bit tense from the look of it but that's something that takes time to work on. The good news is you are hitting the notes and they are in time for the most part. There a couple of bits near the end where you need to make a fret/string change and you miss by a half quarter of a beat but it's not enough for me to send you back to the wood shed smile.gif When making traverse jumps, it's good to land just ahead of the beat so that you can be on the strike as the beat happens. Food for thought. As for this one nicely done solid 7 from me!!

Darius Wave
Hey there. You audio is just fine with its sync to video.

Legato is more strength-related technique than it seems. From what I see you are going in good direction. Your hand has a nice, perpendicular angle to the neck and I can hear actuall "scrapping and hammering" which is a side effect of powerful finger work. I see nothing that could be a critical mistake.

The only thing to fix is timing - you rush a little (play in front of the beat)

Time will do the thing. Just keep this in your daily practise routine.
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