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Full Version: Chibson "placebo" Effect Pedal! The Best Ever!
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Todd Simpson
Yes!! Brought to you by CHIBSON (The Chinese Knockoff of that little company that used to make the lespaul) we have the new "PLACEBO" pedal!!! It's boutique! It's pricey!! It's got snob appeal! It was built by and for cork sniffers!

if you love the smell of Cork in the morning, this pedal is for you!!! Pure Analogue "ish" tone in a pedal that is so transparent, you'll have trouble telling if it's on or not! Is it actually helping your tone? is it doing anything at all? Only those with Golden Ears can tell for sure!! Are your ears made of Gold? is your wallet stuffed with cash? Then get busy with the PLACEBO!!!! It generates what Chibson calls the "Placebo Effect" which is to say it has a very intense perceived impact on some listeners. Some listeners can't hear it at all.

Here is a review from GEAR DOGS (not Gear Gods)!

You can follow CHIBSON on their instagram page to see more products to blow money on!

Click to view attachment

They tried to get the guy from Mastadon to endorse the pedal, but it didn't go so well.

*Here is GABE with a lesson using a real Gibson guitar smile.gif
Steve Gilfield
It reminded me of that time Andertons made "The Best Drive Pedal" biggrin.gif

Todd Simpson
Good eye!! smile.gif I got a real kick out of "the placebo effect" and I was stunned by all the bits on their instangram!! They have been doing this type of thing for a while and it's gone almost un noticed.

QUOTE (Steve Gilfield @ Jul 13 2021, 06:20 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
It reminded me of that time Andertons made "The Best Drive Pedal" biggrin.gif

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