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Full Version: 16th Vs 8th
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Hey pavel,

When one sets out to play 16th notes at say 90 BPM is it ok just to play them as 8ths at 180. I know I do better with a louder click at every 8 notes instead of one every 16 notes.
Same with triplets I seem to improve faster if I play as below
Click(1), 2, 3
tap(1), 2, 3
tap(1), 2, 3
tap(1), 2, 3
example: Working 1/8 note triplets at twice the speed to achieve 16th triplets. I just seem to learn faster if the is a click or tap at the start of each triplet.
Do you feel this is a bad habit?
Look, 16th notes doesn't mean you play 16 notes on 1 beat.

It means that you have 4 16th notes in 1 beat -> 16 notes in the whole bar if it's a 4/4 time signature.

Example: set your metronome to 120 BPM and than play 8th triplets: 123-123-123-123 and you get a click on each first note of the triplet.

If you want to play it in plain 16th you'll get - 1234-1234-1234-1234 and a click on each first note of the group.

Thinking in 16th TRIPLETS is confusing because 16th triplets mean 3 16th notes played in duration of 1 8th note - 8th->3x16th(3-tuplet). So, to make things easier - either practice in 8th triplets or in 16th 6-tuplets - than you'll have 6 notes on one beat and very simple to count. Thinking in 16th 6-tuplets is easier than 16th triplets as you than have to count 123-123 in only 1 beat. While my way you have to count 1-2-3-4-5-6 in one beat which will help you to work with sequences much more.

This way you don't need to put your metronome double-speed and if you do - it's nothing bad! You just have to be aware of what note length are you playing.

Hope this helped and please ask if i make something confusing! smile.gif
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