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Full Version: Speed Building Strategies
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Hi Pavel, I hope you are well.
I have a practice question I hope you can help me with.

Which do you feel is the best speed building strategy?

A_) During a single practice session, start an exercise at whatever your
"clean speed" bpm is, play a few times then increment the tempo by
five and repeat until you reach a tempo you cant keep up with.
( playing may get sloppy at higher speeds ).

B_) During a single practice session, practice only five bpm above your
"clean speed". After a few practice sessions, when you are able to
play the exercise at the new speed perfectly, then it becomes your
new "clean speed", and you can increase your practice speed by five
more bpm.

C_) Other?

Thanks Pavel, I appreciate your help!
Hey m8!

The way i practice it is: i start with the speed i can play and play like that for 15 minutes to get warmed-up and especially to get the exercise in my fingers because after each break you kind of loose it. So repetition will help you to review the exercise. than later you slightly increase the speed - 10BPMs, even 5 can be good - and try playing the exercises a few times. If it's sloppy - get back to the previous speed and play for another 15 minutes. After that you will feel the improvement in higher speeds so you can increase back up to 10BPM and work on it until it's natural to you.

Process of learning basically consists of repetition so both your brain and fingers remember the movement - unfortunately it's a long process so it can take time!

But still i strongly suggest starting with speed you can play clean.

Hope this helped and keep asking if you need something! smile.gif
Thanks Pavel,
Sounds like you endorse something more like method B.

I had been using method A, which has helped me become much faster so far,
but I have become really sloppy when playing fast. I feel that this is due to
so much practicing at speeds higher than I can only play, if I play sloppily.

It is really helpful to understand, in detail, how fast players like yourself, practiced to become fast.
Sure m8! You're welcome! Keep me updated about your progress! smile.gif
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