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Full Version: Guitar World Nov 2007 Review
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Hello all
There's not a topic for reviewing magazine's laugh.gif but i though i would do one on this because sometimes there worth buying and sometimes there not.This is the newest issue of guitar world.

Cover=Zakk Wylde
Main Topic=TheUltimate Guitar Quiz
4songs Tabbed
Fall Out Boy=Thanks for the MMRS
Accept=Balls to the wall
My Chemical Romance=Teenager's///Behemoth=prometherion

As you may or may not have been aware of Guitar One magazine is no longer made forsome reason.Now they do this thing called the best of Guitar One in each issue of Guitar World since they were made by the same company.Funny thing i started a subscription one month before they stopped making it laugh.gif but what they have done is add on those issues to my guitar world subscription.But the point being guitar world is now jam packed with more colums and reviews.

This is one of the best guitar worlds i have seen in a long time though,witht the ultimate quiz article.It cover's basically every style and has music trivia,band facts ,amp and guitar facts,just jam packed with great stuff to read and fun.

I will be posting some of the trivia stuff on GMC as it's kind of fun and interesting to learn some new facts,also to see how smart some GMC member's are tongue.gif

My overall rating on this issue would be an 8 out of 10.I say go grab it because it's definatly worth the money for the articles and reviews this month.I would have gave it a 10 but i think all the songs tabbed this month are garbage nothing im interested in playing myself.
i got this one and its cool.

its got a bunch of 666 questions on theory, gear, and etc.
The Uncreator
Yeah i got it, the video lesson Skwisgar Swigelf is hilarious! and atleast i learned the dethklok coffee jingle solo!!

And i also leanred a Behemoth song!! (I like Behemoth smile.gif )

Ive only answered like the first 250-300 question, so once i finish, i'll post my score or something smile.gif
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