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Full Version: Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos
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I think their new album is f'ing awesome, Kicks A**

What does everyone else think?
Juan M. Valero
QUOTE (Unleash-The-Shred @ Aug 29 2007, 04:23 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I think their new album is f'ing awesome, Kicks A**

What does everyone else think?

Yeeeeeah !!! I love Dream Theater !!!! hehe, great album... but It's better "Metropolis part 2: Scenes from a memory" tongue.gif (it's just my opinion)
Systematic Chaos IMO is too much mathematics - not enough music!! The only song i PARTIALLY like is Dark Eternal Night - but as i said - not even the whole song!

The real DT album is Scenes From The Memory - that's real music and real Dream Theater. Other albums i like is Train Of Thought!
Great Album, amazing performed live,, dark eternal night is my favoroite song too..
it's a great album!
David Wallimann
Systematic Chaos is my favourite DT album...
I don't think it's mathematical.. I love the intricate arrangements and think it's the best work the band has done so far.
Also I was extremely pleased with James vocal.
He sings in his range on this album and it works wonderfully. He's not overdoing his high range pitch and I love it.
Great album!
This album doesnt really sound like DT. Its a nice album dont get me wrong but its not Awake or Images and Words. They went harder on this album and I dont really see DT as a heavy oriented band.
The Uncreator
I love this album, although "Scenes...." is still my favorite, this album is amazing!
QUOTE (Wallimann @ Aug 30 2007, 12:23 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Systematic Chaos is my favourite DT album...

I'd like to second that. It was heavy, which I appreciate with DT. And I'd say 1% pof my positivism comes from relief of it being such a good album, I was quite scared it would not live up to my expectations.
Pentatonic Gathering
DT is my favorite band, full stop.
The Album is great, I dont get repentance, I understand that its part of MikeĀ“s writting but I dont really get it. The rest is freaking awesome...
No matter how good any album may be, no one will compare to Scenes From A Memory because of the state of the band at that moment. Cant wait for the DVD...
Dream Theater is awesome and the latest album is no exception, I'm seeing them here in Stockholm on september 28th, sooooo looking forward to it smile.gif
I was disappointed with Dream Theater's new album. The only song I like out of it was Dark Eternal Night especially the solo part of it. My favorite album by them is Train of Thought.
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