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Full Version: Mastering Boxes Of Any Given Scale
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Hi, how did you practice while learning how to master the most comon scaleshapes horizontally on the neck, i know there is lessons on this, but i would like how you managed to smile.gif And would you recomend one who has yet not mastered to boxshifting to practice it?

I have the ability to play by ear and that helped me to get scales down. The rest of it is tons of hours of practicing scales up and down and left and right! smile.gif Boxshifting comes with knowledge of boxes so you SURE should practice those lessons.
I'm working on this as well and practicing the boxes endlessly seems to help obviously. Something that I am doing as well is making sure to practice the boxes starting from the root note and to memorize the root note placement for each box.

Kris has some great pentatonic 101 lessons that help break out of the boxes and some cool licks to practice. Also the beginner licks lesson is pretty good as well for some easy licks and penta practice.
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