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Full Version: A Few Questions
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hi pavel i have a few question for you it would be cool if you could answer them.

1. when you pick your not totally relaxing you picking hand right? because when i do i get a very weak sounding note and to get it to sound good my hand tensions a little when i pick.

2. when you sweep your whole hand should the moving not just your wrist and you pick should be almost horizontal and should follow you hand.

Hey John!

1. The picking hand is not 100% relaxed in sense of holding the pick. You have to keep your pick in place in order to control the picking so fingers are actually pretty hard held but not tensed so you don't get tired with that.

The wrist however should be relaxed. But even Rusty Cooley admits that when he goes for ultra-warp speed he does use a bit of elbow. But be careful not to use it on middle speed picking.

2. Yeah. Almost right! The wrist is the main thing but the whole hand (below elbow part) is following the wrist when you sweep. And yes, the pick is horizontal but is following the angle of the sweep.
ok thanks smile.gif
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